Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get lost Myron

Unable to write articles in newspapers, Ebell has to resort to writing letters to the editor to decry the proposed policies of opposition parties in the United Kingdom. Whether it gets published is something his paycheque depends on, because there's no value in being a professional liar if no one picks up on it.

First, he says it's not sensible to both cap-and-trade carbon emissions and tax them. So presumably when Myron drives his fat-ass Chevy TrailBlazer he leaves his seatbelt off so he can rely on the air-bag alone.

Second, he cites without specific reference a man with a far better haircut than his own, Richard Tol, whose writing predictably shows up as grist for other delialists and who has given evidence to Lord Blaby on the same day as Lomborg.

Recently Lomborg has pitched in with his own take on the extinction of Polar Bears. Since these beasts hunt on ice and can't live if there's no ice, CEI-ers have callously said that they should stop scrounging off the government and just swim for their food. But Lomborg goes one better and demands that they evolve backwards into the brown bear from which they descended a hundred thousands years ago. Now, no one believes in Lamarckian evolution except idiotic economists; everyone else goes with the saying "survival of the fittest", which means that the Polar Bear species will simply die out and its range will be claimed by the brown bear.

Many humans will "adapt" to climate change by dying as well.

I am unable to find a mention of Tol's claimed hypothesis that the externality cost of gasoline is 15 cents a gallon. The point of taxing gas is to raise the price high enough that people stop using it, so the argument about claiming some bogus externality cost whose compensation won't be passed on to the next generation is meaningless.

Thirdly, Myron is worried that poor people pay too much of their incomes in energy. Since it's already been established just how much people at the CEI care about the poor and that power blackouts in California during a heatwave is the fault of Mexicans, the argument is going to be offensive. Presumably he would claim that busting shipments of crack cocaine so that the street value goes up is also detrimental to the poor because of the large proportion of their income that gets spent on those drugs too.

Don't let the Petroleum-Pushers get away with this. Myron's words should never be published.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Myron abandons his tie

Who has the coolest neckline?

I was shocked this morning to discover that the Competitive Enterprise Institute, aka the lie factory, has been attempting to get hip to the groove with its sponsorship of cool dude in a dark tee-shirt Jason Talley, the "Expert 303" Crasher-in-chief who pioneered his own brand of reactionary interventions with such stunts as releasing "hundreds of balloons at a climate change conference with free market environmental messages."

Could it get worse?

Oh yes it can.

Authentically scruffy expert 315 runs a "geeky blog" which, between the articles saying how good Google is that it should never be regulated to prevent it going bad, there are acres Google-Ads leaving not enough room for a single link back to his work webpage where he has the title: Assistant Editorial Director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Could it get worse?

Oh yes it can.

The tie-less Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship -- which probably exists as no more than an ink-stain on two sheets of paper -- recently wrote to the Nobel Committee to nominate Rush Limbaugh (yes, him) for the Peace Prize on the basis of his great contribution to public health by his advocacy of the use of DDT as a means of bashing environmentalism. This deception has been talked about before. Are there really that few bald-face lies for you to use?

And so we come to dear old Myron, the old git who has dropped his tie after fifty years of pinning it on and pretending he knows jack--. That's the old way we knew Stupid White Men dressed.

Myron's new open necktie and moody natural light effect reminds me of Vladimir Putin of Russia. The secret police were never the problem; only corporations have the right to be free.

He hasn't been putting in many hours of late.

Yesterday he filed a blog post about the Texas coal industry which didn't make any sense after he had claimed that new coal-fired powerstations are less polluting than gas-fired, and that increasing electricity costs wouldn't reduce the demand, and that renewable energy doesn't work in the long, hot, blazing sunshine of the Texas summer because there's very little wind to run the turbines.

Oh, and he also included some total bull about California's recent blackouts which were ironically a result of an extreme heatwave even after the state had dramatically increased its supply of electricity.

It's difficult to take account of the needs created due to the projected changes in the climate when the entire energy industry is claiming that no such change is happening. Myron blamed it on Mexicans.

Everything Myron says is from the opposite-land of his not-icy-cool-now-that-he-has-loosened-his-tie air-conditioned office. So when he manages to find two science articles which apparently say completely opposite things, he feels happy and in his own element.

Pity this contradiction didn't extend beyond the first paragraphs. But Myron is a man whose salary depends on his own ignorance. If it suits him to believe that the vast ocean, or the atmosphere for that matter, is just a homogenous unit of liquid like a bowl of soup, then so be it.

That is where our toilet is.