Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New lies for old Orleans

As human chaos and predictable environmental catastrophe unfolds in New Orleans, Myron Ebell and the rest of the clowns at the Confidential Exxon Irritation are rubbing crude oil into the faces of the dying by advocating more and bigger petrochemical dependency and infrastructure.

That way all future hurricanes will be guaranteed to hit their target and devastate at least one oil major refinery resulting in the widespread toxic pollution of the environment that Myron so desires. He knows that every disaster is an opportunity for our corporate-owned government to hand more of our public money to the rich.

In an unusually pathetic display of touting for work, the CEI puts up a page stating that they have so-called "experts" available for comment.

No doubt when pressed about the events they will roll out the usual horse-fart about it being nothing to do with global warming. No, it's just the natural storm cycle, as regular and predictable as the tides, and all these people who have lost their homes and their lives are fools for having suffered the equivalent of pitching their tent on the beach below the high water mark.

I don't need to make this up. The contempt that these thin-skulled meat-heads, such as Chris Horner, a Senior fellow at the "Institute" show to humanity is reknown.

In July 2003, over lunch, he pointed out that the planet Pluto is warming up despite moving away from the sun. This, he said, "is a reminder that no matter where you are climate happens... with or without SUVs. There will [now] be... claims [from environmentalists] that mankind is also causing Plutonian global warming."

I tell you, anyone who hires this intellectual scrotum to represent them in law has got to be an idiot.

More recently, this fellow drooled over the dead in London on 7/7, each one a life a thousand times more worthy than his own, and said how dare any politician mention that climate change is more important than this. How dare they assert that these forces of nature are where the the real killing power lies, when political capital can still be wrung out of these insignificant numbers who have died at the hands of terrorists. How dare anyone look to reality through the prism of science and quake with fear, without first shielding themselves with the irrational belief that some unforeseen technology based on this science will somehow see us through.

Meanwhile, on a nearby planet 250 million years ago...

Friday, August 19, 2005

Myron Ebell: Public Coward

In a live BBC interview on 2005-05-19, Myron was challenged to put his valuable cash on the line by George Monbiot who bet him 5000 pounds that the global average temperature over the next ten years will be higher than the global average temperature of the past ten years.

To which the tightfisted Myron said: "No, I have four children to put through university. I don't take risks."

No one at the Climate knows what courses said children are taking, but we hope they will be adequately trained to work in the growth areas of the 21st century like: Energy Efficiency Technologies, Drought Mitigation, Food Security, and Corporate Prosecution. Education is an important force for getting people to think and question their elders. We hope that at least one of his children takes their father to task for the untold harm and lasting damage he has done to the environment. Just because your dad paid for your education doesn't mean he's not a slime monster who turned back the clock of human progress with every hour he spent at work.

At least the tide is beginning to turn, decades too late. Every time Myron is interviewed in the media he is now correctly identified as an Exxon stooge and not someone to take science lessons from.

We would like to remind Myron's direct employer, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, that they are neither a charity nor a university with academic staff on tenure. They have the right to sack their employees at any time when they are no longer performing at their job of getting their corporate lies to stick and have become an embarrassment.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Usual Suspects

When the US Senate recently took testimonies from scientists about global warming, Myron was reported to have whinged that there was shameful lack of opposing viewpoints from flat-earthers and believers in the fairy queen on the panel.

There is no scientific consensus, Myron rants from increasingly more marginalized and obviously disreputable outlets.

What he doesn't want you to understand is that a scientific consensus is a consensus among scientists who know what they are talking about. It is not a consensus about science among the public inclusive of the set of lying politicians and corporate stooges who obviously can break the existence of a scientific consensus by that definition forever.

The tactic is wearing thin.

The same old puffed-up boneheads are rolled out every time he needs a list, because there are no others.

Atmospheric physicist S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia and former director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service, who orignally made a living denying tobacco smoke was harmful to health.

Dr. Benny Peiser of England's John Moore's University, a "social anthropologist", who proves he can rant against climate alarmism whilst providing no information whatsoever.

Also, they sometimes cite, Hans von Storch, director of the GKSS Institute for Coastal Research (IfK) in Geesthacht, Germany, who is not really on their side, but he did once warn that overstating your scientific consensus too early can be politically damaging.

Obviously, if scientists never get round to stating an important consensus, they will never get politically damaged by the likes of Myron.

There is a valid hypothesis here, which goes:

If Myron Ebell admires you, then you are not a scientist of climate research.

This can actually be derived from the following two facts: (a) Myron Ebell never admires someone who is convinced by the threat of Climate Change, and (b) All scientists who know about it are convinced by the threat of Climate Change.