Friday, September 23, 2011

That's quite a Wallop

Myron Ebell has penned an obituary for his former employer and member of the British upper class, Senator Wallop of Wyoming.

Funnily enough, Myron doesn't mention his teamwork with another famous member of the Wyoming delegation, Dick Cheney, whom he went to the extreme reaches of extremism on while in Congress.

Instead, what we have is the usual Washington insider bitching and gaming that would be laughable if it didn't have such deadly consequences.
... When it became known that I was one of a small group working to reveal that Speaker Gingrich was a committed environmentalist and the only obstacle blocking House passage of a bill to reform the Endangered Species Act, the Speaker’s office tried to get me fired. My executive director told them to get lost, and Malcolm immediately wanted to telephone Gingrich personally to put it a little more bluntly.
Myron got on the payroll due to his anti-environmental activity:
It was through my work on environmental and natural resource issues that I first got to know Malcolm and eventually came to work for him as policy director at Frontiers of Freedom. I too had grown up on a ranch in the rural West and had the same kind of first-hand experiences that he had of the disastrous management of our federal lands.
By "disastrous management", I don't think he's referring to, shall we say, "disasters" like an Exxon oil pipeline spewing oil all over people's property.

What he really means is the disaster when a rich businessman cannot rip all the resources out of the ground to make money now, now, NOW!

Then there's the incoherent anti-communist drivel, like so:
Malcolm often said that if government ownership of land and natural resources was the best way to protect the environment, then we should have found a Garden of Eden in the Soviet Union after the Iron Curtain came down. Instead, there was one environmental horror story after another.
You'd think it would matter whether the government is democratic or a dictatorship, wouldn't you?

But you're not going to get clear thinking from a character who takes credit for Ronald Reagan's huge anti-missile project, which remains a total boondoggle from start to finish that has never worked, will never work, and could never work.

It breaks my heart to think of how much we could have done with all that wasted engineering and time. How can a country be run by such morons?

There are many characters who leave the world in a worst place for having done their life's work. And Myron Ebell will always be friends with those kinds of people.