Friday, June 01, 2007

That's it, they're completely evil

In the future when Climate Change is as clear as the billion or more people dying in Africa and the destruction of a few more major cities, as well as the limited availability of your next meal, people will look back at the record and discover all the work Myron Ebell did throughout his professional life. They will want to take him out to the beach to bury him in the sand below the high water mark.

The Myron Ebell Climate used to think this was unfair, until witnessing the latest CEI excess, the ever heard of DDT resitance, you numb-skulls "Rachel was wrong" website. No. Clearly not. The word "resistance" occurs nowhere in these putrid pages with its shroud-waving of African children who have recently died of malaria. You see, it's the environmental movement's fault for putting the lives of bald eagles and hawks above that of poor children.

Many of the same Africans exposed to malaria also have AIDS, but any attempt at direct action to bring the accessibility of AIDS drugs to below the cost of a luxury sports car is called stealing. If the richest and most corrupt corporations in history decide to screw the rest of the world -- as they are programmed to do -- good for them!

The CEI are bumholes who don't recognize evolution, natural-selection, or the survival of the insects that DDT can't kill:
DDT-resistant mosquitoes were first detected in India in 1959, and they have increased so rapidly that when a local spray program is begun now, most mosquitoes become resistant in a matter of months rather than years.

DDT becomes ineffective so quickly now because DDT-resistant mosquitoes exist at low frequency in the global mosquito population and, when a local population is sprayed, a strong force of selection in favor of the resistant mosquitoes is immediately created. It is only a matter of time before the resistant mosquitoes take over.
Lacking a reproduction cycle of weeks or a brood number that can be counted in millions, higher life-forms such as birds go extinct before they evolve. Pretty quickly that's the only life form that DDT is actually killing.

The manufacturer naturally says otherwise. They get paid regardless of whether it's working. Meanwhile, you've begun spraying it on crops that have nothing to do with malaria in a action that is nearly as evil as misusing antibiotics for fattening pigs.

The CEI is happy with all of this fall-out, preferring as they do for Earth to become as dead as the planet Venus. There are no lessons learned that they don't seek to be unlearned if it happens to be inconvenient for profits.

Future sociologists may eventually prove that this whole free market theory might have worked -- where "worked" is defined as not laying waste to everything in less than a hundred years -- had it not been for the consistent chatter of premeditated corporate-funded lies. The most telling clue will be the fact that every political organization that vehemently promoted unfettered free market philosophy happened also to be deeply implicated in these lies.

This is a clear, unequivocal message to the future: Go get them. Show no mercy. They knew exactly what they were doing.


Anonymous Mike said... is a parody of course. Like your good-self Myron-Goatchurch. I bet many people believe it is real though. I can just see the hatemail pouring into the CEI care of Goatchurch Cave.

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Blogger goatchurch said...

How do you explain the fact that they've got this sick joke published in The New York Post, The New York Sun and The Baltimore Sun?

Parodies aren't funny when enough people believe them to out-vote those who's brains aren't full of this crap.

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Anonymous Mike said...

How do you explain the whole of Europe believing that a Dutch TV show was giving away a kidney. People will believe outrageous things if you present them well enough. But noone who wanted their argument to be taken seriously would be seen gloating over dead children. Are we supposed to think that the CEI is doing their families a favor? That DDT is the only means of malaria control? And that the fact that humans have been exposed to high doses of DDT without ill effect means that DDT is safe in combination with other pesticides, despite the lack of research on pesticide combinations?

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Blogger goatchurch said...

Unlike the CEI's material, the Dutch kidney show's producers revealed that they had made a hoax because -- while their intention was to fool you -- you weren't supposed to be fooled for long. They were doing it to prove a point about the shortage of kidneys.

It is true that the CEI produces similarly ridiculous false stories, but they never admit it (show me if I'm wrong), and their intention is to mislead the public so they act against their interests, as is the point of all propaganda.

These guys have been unapologetically pushing this lie for years. I just don't see how it can still be funny any more.

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