Friday, September 23, 2005

Jody Clarke is a Fark

Myron Ebell is sick. He's not saying anything, but people are talking about him.

Meanwhile, media mop-head Jody Clarke attributed the lack of sufficient access to cars as the cause of all the avoidable deaths in New Orleans.

You see, the people who couldn't afford a vehicle stayed behind in the danger zone and therefore deserved to die. It's not the cars fault. The car companies should be thanked for saving so many lives. They have strived so hard over the years to ensure that there is no alternative evacuation plan to rival their product in terms of inefficiency and profitability.

Like most crap these CEI sickos spout, it's thoroughly wrong. To prove them wrong we don't need to wait until all these free-market enriching policies have somehow made every citizen in New Orleans rich enough to have cars, and then rerun the experiment with another hurricane so we can count how many unburied bodies lie the streets to make a comparison.

We can wait for the next Hurricane to hit. This time in Houston where car ownership is much higher, and see what a pile of bollocks the whole thing is.

It's every man for himself, you see. That's the CEI ethos. Always. Without exception. If the whole stinking ship sinks as a result, that's less important than economic freedom for Exxon. Isn't it? Isn't it. You pointless cloth-eared bog-brush brain tumour, Jody. It's all just a game of fame and wealth and bright lights on TV. It does not matter how many dead bodies you have to climb over to continue your glittering career. It does not need to be like this. All you have to do is stop lying.


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