Saturday, February 05, 2011

Coerced inaction

Myron Ebell is claiming credit for an anti-science anti-life proposed piece of legislation introduced in the United States whorehouseSenate called
S.228 - A bill to preempt regulation of, action relating to, or consideration of greenhouse gases under Federal and common law on enactment of a Federal policy to mitigate climate change.
The claim comes curtesy of a division of the American Family News Network, who's wannabe Godfather says:

"Congress has not spoken on global warming; Congress has not made a decision [on] how to deal with global warming and what the law should be," notes Freedom Action President Myron Ebell, whose organization supports the measure. "Senator Barrasso's bill, if enacted, would shut the door and say, 'You can't do this; Congress will decide how to deal with global warming.'"...

"We're talking here about policies that are going to destroy investment in this country in new energy supplies and energy producing plants, and that will kill jobs," he warns.
Here's how it starts with a denial of science:

Meanwhile there's no trace of this activity on CEI's FreedomAction Website. Maybe Myron saving it for later. Right now there is some serious environment dispoiling to get on with, with the headline invitation for people to Defeat the Job-killing oil spill bill.

I can't right now find links to the legislation he is talking about. But it's good to know where he stands when it comes any questions about the environment, no matter how stark.


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