Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Climate of Truth-Sinks

The following is the list of writers and articles which have exposed themselves by taking contributions from Myron Ebell. Often it's one reporter in the paper who consistently lets them down.

There is a blacklist of bad credit ratings shared by banks. There should also be a blacklist of bad sources shared among the media from whom no statements are taken. People should get onto this list for having a track record of being deceitful about their conflicts of interest, making gross overstatements of their credentials, and repeating continually repeating lies that have already been brought to their attention.

The fact that there is no such blacklist proves that our newspapers care about being lied to less than the banks care about getting their money back.

The list is as follows:

Accuracy in Media
Paul M. Weyrich 2006-05-23

Bayou Buzz
Jeff Crouere 2006-06-30

Burlington Free Press
Erin Kelly 2006-05-31

The Cavalier Daily
Allan Cruickshanks 2005-10-11

Christian Broadcasting Network
Dale Hurd 2006-04-13

Cybercast News Service Some links may be broken, search on "Ebell" for results
Randy Hall 2006-09-20 2006-05-04, 2005-07-05
Monisha Bansal 2007-01-18, 2007-01-04, 2006-09-01, 2006-05-03,
2006-06-14, 2006-04-04, 2006-02-22, 2006-01-30, 2005-11-18
Marc Morano 2005-04-06, 2005-12-09, 2004-12-16, 2004-12-14, 2005-04-14, 2003-09-30, 2002-10-09, 2002-07-03, 2002-06-24, 2002-06-21, 2002-07-09, 2002-03-22, 2002-04-01, 2002-02-14
Patrick Goodenough 2006-02-16, 2005-02-15, 2005-02-16
Susan Jones 2006-02-01, 2004-01-15
Robert B. Bluey 2003-07-30, 2004-02-25, 2003-05-16
Paul M. Weyrich 2003-04-03
Lawrence Morahan 2003-02-03, 2001-05-07, 2001-01-17, 2000-12-04, 2000-09-05
Mark Mead 2001-03-23
Cheryl K. Chumley 2001-03-09, 2001-02-20
Melanie Hunter 2006-06-22
Kevin Mooney 2007-01-31, 2007-01-23, 2007-01-23,

Kady O'Malley 2005-11-23

Financial Times
Martin Ebell 2007-06-12

Fox News
Steven Milloy 2006-04-06

The Heartland Institute
J. Peyton Knight 2006-08-01
H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. 2006-06-01
Alan Caruba 2005-08-01
James M. Taylor 2005-08-01
Myron Ebell 2005-06-01

Human Events Online
Lisa De Pasquale 2006-05-25
Robert B. Bluey 2006-05-30
Myron Ebell 2007-01-24, 2005-12-15

Investor's Business Daily
Sean Higgins 2006-08-31

Kentucky Herald
Jillian Ogawa 2006-06-21

Kuwait News Agency
unknown 2006-06-16

Las Vegas Sun
Associated Press 2006-11-12

Los Angeles Times
Bettina Boxall 2006-02-14, 2006-12-16

Market Watch
Edward Welsch 2005-07-21

The Mercury News
Erica Werner 2006-04-07

Miami Herald
Ron Hutcheson 2006-05-31

Monsters and Critics
Hil Anderson 2006-05-16

National Journal Magazine
Will Englund 2008-05-17

National Review
Iain Murray 2006-07-25, 2006-11-08

New Britain Herald
Jennifer Schultz 2005-09-21

Alexandra von Maltzan 2006-06-03
Ken Shepherd 2006-05-26

News Herald
Jeffrey L. Frischkorn 2008-05-21

New York Times
Jad Mouawad 2006-09-01

Poughkeepsie Journal
Dan Shapley 2005-06-04

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa 2006-06-08

San Francisco Chronical
Carolyn Lochhead 2006-09-01
Robert Collier 2005-10-07

Science (AAAS)
Eli Kintisch 2006-06-26, 2006-09-22

Scripps Howard News Service
Lance Gay 2006-05-11

Town Hall
Lisa De Pasquale 2006-05-25
Monisha Bansal 2006-02-23
Jennifer Biddison 2006-03-28

USA Today
Anthony Breznican 2006-05-22
Patrick O'Driscoll 2007-04-19
Erin Kelly 2008-05-18

Voice of America (these are good reports, but they should not have cited Ebell without pointing out that he has no qualifications to comment on the science he flatly contradicts)
Paul Sisco 2006-08-15
David McAlary 2006-08-08
Frank Ling 2006-06-30

The Wall Street Journal
editorial 2005-10-08

The Washington Post
Juliet Eilperin 2005-07-02, 2006-08-20, 2006-08-11

The Washington Times
Patrice Hill 2006-31-05, 2006-08-01

Waste News
Bruce Geiselman 2006-09-01
unknown 2005-06-24
unknown 2005-04-09

WDC Media News
unknown 2006-11-13

PRNewswire 2006-11-08


Proper reporting from NZ Herald
Andrew Buncombe 2005-12-08

Also seen in Living on Earth on 2006-07-28 where it was reported that Exxon had refused to speak on the program.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Those who adapt go to heaven

"You just don't understand," Myron would say as he mixed the Hemlock which killed Socrates. "I am doing you a favour. You are a good person right now and you will go to heaven to live in eternal life. It you lived for longer you might turn bad and go to hell forever. Anyway, this poison is probably not going to kill you because it's made from natural plant products. Actually, to put it another way, you have been dying from the day you were born, and this just rushes you forward towards your ultimate destination, old man."

I always liked the belief in heaven idea; the people who are giving you all the sh*t tell you that you will be rewarded after you die for the amount of sh*t you have taken from them. Bloody good that is!

Myron is busily spouting about is spiritual beliefs again.
Ebell does not believe global warming is a serious threat. But he says even if it were, the Kyoto Protocol is bad politics. He believes restricting energy use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will hurt national economies. "All of this effort is going for nothing. The reason I believe that is because the world cannot afford to go on the kind of energy diet that the Kyoto Protocol is the first step of."
There is a good analogy. Your doctor says you have to lose weight, stop smoking, and exercise or you will have a heart attack. Myron explains how uncomfortable and badly difficult that is, completely neglecting to remind you that the alternative is what will feel like being shot in the chest at close range with a similar chance of survival. Our psychology is flawed in that we are not frightened by that scenario as we are by a real gun, simply because it's not visible. Myron's job is easy because he explains how certain inconvenient things which you can't see now don't exist.

He continued:
Myron Ebell says glaciers have been melting since the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago, yet people have adapted.
Like war, famine, and pestilence, people have adapted to these phenomena by dying in large numbers. As long as Exxon's profits are safe, Myron is quite okay with that type of adaptation.
He argues that global warming has benefits, such as a longer growing season and hardier crops. "Carbon dioxide is necessary for plants to photosynthesize, so if there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, plants should grow more quickly, more vigorously and they should be more resistant to things like drought," says Ebell.
Here's a fact. Myron knows f*** all about economics. He knows less than f*** all about plant science, and talks like the child who believes that he can grow a boiled potato tree by planting boiled potatoes. I suppose the massive desertification across Africa and the rest of the world, coinciding with the years of a doubling of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is evidence that plants do not do as they should. Maybe CO2 stimulated grown at a time of drought causes greater damage because the chemical balance they are evolved to handle is all cockeyed. If you give Myron a plate of high energy giving salty hamburgers to eat, maybe he gains the power to go without water.

Reality. Don't bug him about reality. I've changed my mind about the Exxon's policy of using Myron as a proxy for their lying lies. Now since everyone refers to him correctly as an Exxon-funded spokesman, while Exxon itself refuses to make any comments, this slug-face is now their de-facto official mouthpiece in the eyes of the public.

Elsewhere, Myron wrote a piece advising the President to:
[E]xplain that current high gas prices are the result of high economic growth (no apologies necessary), which increases demand, and continuing supply problems, some of which are caused by government.
in order to overcome the public anger and help re-elect his Republican friends to Congress.

Alternatively, the administration can stoke up a absolutely bloody war in the middle-east, blame the prices on that, let the oil companies add an extra spike for profits, and demand that America stand together united with their strong leader in a time of war (of their own making).

People will die in large numbers. As we know, Myron and his friends do not care as long as Exxon's profits remain safe. They are just adapting to the f***ed up real politics of the day.

The environment is not dying, it is being killed, and the people doing it have names and addresses.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Give and take on the same day

On August 1, Myron was fighting both for and against States rights. On the one hand, States are supposedly not allowed to take any steps towards consuming less oil:
Myron Ebell... called the joint plan... "blatantly unconstitutional." The U.S. Constitution says states cannot enter into agreements with foreign countries without Congress' consent, he said... Rather than reduce emissions in any significant way, Mr. Ebell said, "This deal is political symbolism designed to pressure the Congress and the president into putting the U.S. onto the latest fashionable California energy diet. The result would be to turn the U.S. into an economic basket case, which is exactly what it's doing in California."
While on the other hand, they should have the right to arrange for drilling in the national waters:
For too long the federal government has tied the hands of state governments that wish to permit oil and natural gas leasing in their adjacent offshore zones. Congress should remove the moratoria on offshore gas production and share the federal royalties with the States that decide to allow offshore production, just as they share the royalties from production on federal lands with the States.
This, of course, would be fair on all those land-locked states. The point is it would concentrate the bribe into fewer hands where it could have more of an incentive effect.

You can see what Myron is trying to do -- send us to hell as wholeheartedly as possible. It's important to prevent anyone from developing the technology and economic systems fit for the future, if it could threaten the profits of Exxon. These profits must be Maximized. They can never be high enough. Even Bill O'Reilly(Soaking Americans) doesn't agree. He interviewed an Exxon excuser Jonathan Hoenig who said:
"Get guys like you off the back of ExxonMobil, I promise the price will come down".
If no one reported any crime, the crime figures would be low.

This is falling apart. We can work out an orderly transition from this fascist corpocracy into a world of peace, justice, and truth, or we can carry on lying until the train hits the cliff. Myron's slimy body will have been strapped to the front bumper.