Thursday, October 20, 2011

Same old same old Myron the death merchant

Myron Ebell has found his love-child Presidential Nominee in the form of Rick Perry:
Perry as President promises to:
  • increase oil and gas production quickly and substantially on federal lands and offshore areas;
  • block or repeal all the Obama Administration’s new Clean Air Act regulations, including regulation of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • radically downsize the Environmental Protection Agency and turn local environmental issues over to the States;
  • stop allowing environmental law to be made by settling lawsuits with environmental pressure groups with consent decrees; and
  • eliminate all federal energy mandates and subsidies.
Perry claims that his plan will provide a major boost to economic growth and create 1.2 million new jobs. Looking over the plan, my guess is that 1.2 million jobs is a lowball figure if his proposals were fully implemented.
My oh my.

You have to get to the point where if the power elite of the United States of Amnesia wants to napalm their own nation, then fine. It's a shame we have to smell it and die off in the same ecosystem, but justice is harsh.

Who really cares if yanks are so supine they just let drilling companies contaminate their drinking water without a real fight?

You think I'm joking?


Myron also included some further gloating in his weekly stinkletter (after the usual Solyndra section) about Republican congress voting against some environmental regulation long in the making, but which they are too dumb to understand:
The House of Representatives voted 275 to 142 on 13th October to suspend implementation of the Boiler MACT (for Maximum Available Control Technology) Rule. The House approved a similar measure to block the Cement MACT Rule last week on a 262-161 vote.
Here is a lobbying video about the vote.

I mean, does anyone down there ever wonder what these regulations were about?

They were about reducing the emissions of mercury and other neuro-toxins into the air you breath in, absorb and cause damage to your brain. But that doesn't matter, because their brains are quite damaged already.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Of course, we don't ever count the jobs that come from deploying this Available Technology, do we?

That's because those jobs don't make money for the concrete company owners. Better for people to get sick, so that the medical company executives can make money from people's misery and disease.

Yoou guys have less self-awareness than a nest of rats.


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