Thursday, August 03, 2006

Give and take on the same day

On August 1, Myron was fighting both for and against States rights. On the one hand, States are supposedly not allowed to take any steps towards consuming less oil:
Myron Ebell... called the joint plan... "blatantly unconstitutional." The U.S. Constitution says states cannot enter into agreements with foreign countries without Congress' consent, he said... Rather than reduce emissions in any significant way, Mr. Ebell said, "This deal is political symbolism designed to pressure the Congress and the president into putting the U.S. onto the latest fashionable California energy diet. The result would be to turn the U.S. into an economic basket case, which is exactly what it's doing in California."
While on the other hand, they should have the right to arrange for drilling in the national waters:
For too long the federal government has tied the hands of state governments that wish to permit oil and natural gas leasing in their adjacent offshore zones. Congress should remove the moratoria on offshore gas production and share the federal royalties with the States that decide to allow offshore production, just as they share the royalties from production on federal lands with the States.
This, of course, would be fair on all those land-locked states. The point is it would concentrate the bribe into fewer hands where it could have more of an incentive effect.

You can see what Myron is trying to do -- send us to hell as wholeheartedly as possible. It's important to prevent anyone from developing the technology and economic systems fit for the future, if it could threaten the profits of Exxon. These profits must be Maximized. They can never be high enough. Even Bill O'Reilly(Soaking Americans) doesn't agree. He interviewed an Exxon excuser Jonathan Hoenig who said:
"Get guys like you off the back of ExxonMobil, I promise the price will come down".
If no one reported any crime, the crime figures would be low.

This is falling apart. We can work out an orderly transition from this fascist corpocracy into a world of peace, justice, and truth, or we can carry on lying until the train hits the cliff. Myron's slimy body will have been strapped to the front bumper.


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