Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Hoax on the Hill

It doesn't matter how screwed up, insane, and unreasonable the decision making process in the Government is, just as long as Myron gets his way. In spite of being part of the withering minority, Myron is chippy at the prospect of an unreconstructed corporate stooge like Senator Inhofe occupying a key position in the Congressional hierarchy which enables him to block any and all progress on this matter with his off-the-wall claim that Climate Change is "greatest single hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."

The Myron Ebell Climate believes that, hoax or not, the belief in Climate Change has not actually permeated through to the American people yet. It cannot be a hoax, because, although Climate Change itself has cost the American people dearly in extra droughts and hurricanes, belief in such a concept has lead to no effective change in policy whatsoever.

Meanwhile, it's easy to list some of the massive hoaxes that have been perpetrated at great cost on the American People, not to mention the real victims whom the American People have paid themselves to massacre. Setting aside the huge economic hoaxes, such as their hilarious private medical insurance system, there's the whole of The War on Terror, the gulag at Guantanamo Bay, Iraq's nonexistant Weapons of Mass Destruction and subsequent invasion, the Afghanistan Taliban noninvolvement in 9/11, the reinvasion of Kuwait in 1991, the Cold War and nuclear armament, and the awesome, not yet equalled, fifteen year mechanized massacre of three million Vietnamese people in their own country for no good reason.

This is the way it goes when we get nothing but lies, arrogance, and historical amnesia. Myron is a rotting fungus on the face of our collective memory, destroying truth and replacing it with cancer. He is helping America to drown in the swamp of her own corporate mindrot. No one will shed a tear when she dies, though we may cry if she takes the rest of the world to hell with her.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Myron reviews the carnage with pride

In a TV interview Myron said that the Gleneagles G8 meeting was a "tremendous victory for president Bush and the forces of rationality".

He was upbeat on account of all the defeats in the US Senate and elsewhere of legislation on the environment. He snivelled with glee as he misreported the British veto of a feeble European proposal to tax airline tickets that didn't do enough.

He giggled: "This is a very substantial step away from the brink [of doing anything worthwhile], and a step towards an abundant energy future, rather than putting the world on an energy diet."

Watch his phrase, "Energy Diet". He used to say "Energy Rationing" or "Energy Poverty", but now he's looking for synergy with the CEI's other ham-faced guess-which-corporation-paid-them-for-this campaigns to protect the junk food industry. Once you give the word "Diet" a bad name, because it is uncomfortable and unhappy, and you can use it in all sorts of places where you want to promote a negative connotation.

So, you go on an "Energy Diet" to cut down on energy use, and a "Nuclear Diet" if you should use less nuclear power, and a "Meat Diet" meaning you are eating like a vegetarian. He also thinks that population decline is a bad thing, presumably because he thinks that 6 billion people on the planet is not enough, and there should be 60 billion if that's what's required for "economic growth".

Prior to this pointless meeting, Myron gave a pointless interview with the usual hogwash. At least his co-interviewee was able to point out that there is unanimity on Climate Change among the scientific community. Thus he insinuated -- correctly -- that Myron is not part of the scientific community. The question was, why was he there. At least he got introduced as a petroleum spokesman.

Now, I've read the documents put on the webpage of the G8. None of it seems to say what people are saying it says. It's all bollocks. President Bush would never agree to it if it weren't.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Adequate Journalism Detected at Washington Post

Look at this paragraph from their article about the G8 negotiations over their official position on climate change in which Tony Blair, who gets the story, will get screwed:

Myron Ebell, who directs the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute's global warming and international environmental programs, said he and his colleagues are "pleased with the firm and consistent position Bush is taking on climate change." He added: "On the issue of climate change, Blair is going to make no progress in hoping the U.S. will accede." The institute gets funding from oil companies that oppose mandatory carbon emissions curbs.

Isn't that fantastic? Finally a reporter taking time to fill-in her interviewee's bogus qualifications to speak on the subject, rather than leaving this information unsaid, thus inviting readers to believe that the speaker has something to say that's relevant to the truth.

If only the BBC started living up to this standard of reporting when they keep wasting airtime interviewing this gobshite in their reports. The truth is, the Bush administration denies climate change because: (a) its Exxon sponsors don't know how to make money out of it, (b) it more easily fits with their psychotic ideology of maximally asset-stripping the planet, and (c) they are more insulated from reality than twelve Buddhist monks in a cave in Antarctica.

Anyone who comes out and says it's got anything to do with science, skepticism, or the state of the economy is telling a lie. The Administration's position is taken in spite of these, not because of them. That's why Myron doesn't actually need to talk to people in the government to do his work -- there's no information there. His job is to invent the lies to explain their behavoir as if it was rational.