Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Myron reviews the carnage with pride

In a TV interview Myron said that the Gleneagles G8 meeting was a "tremendous victory for president Bush and the forces of rationality".

He was upbeat on account of all the defeats in the US Senate and elsewhere of legislation on the environment. He snivelled with glee as he misreported the British veto of a feeble European proposal to tax airline tickets that didn't do enough.

He giggled: "This is a very substantial step away from the brink [of doing anything worthwhile], and a step towards an abundant energy future, rather than putting the world on an energy diet."

Watch his phrase, "Energy Diet". He used to say "Energy Rationing" or "Energy Poverty", but now he's looking for synergy with the CEI's other ham-faced guess-which-corporation-paid-them-for-this campaigns to protect the junk food industry. Once you give the word "Diet" a bad name, because it is uncomfortable and unhappy, and you can use it in all sorts of places where you want to promote a negative connotation.

So, you go on an "Energy Diet" to cut down on energy use, and a "Nuclear Diet" if you should use less nuclear power, and a "Meat Diet" meaning you are eating like a vegetarian. He also thinks that population decline is a bad thing, presumably because he thinks that 6 billion people on the planet is not enough, and there should be 60 billion if that's what's required for "economic growth".

Prior to this pointless meeting, Myron gave a pointless interview with the usual hogwash. At least his co-interviewee was able to point out that there is unanimity on Climate Change among the scientific community. Thus he insinuated -- correctly -- that Myron is not part of the scientific community. The question was, why was he there. At least he got introduced as a petroleum spokesman.

Now, I've read the documents put on the webpage of the G8. None of it seems to say what people are saying it says. It's all bollocks. President Bush would never agree to it if it weren't.


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