Thursday, December 08, 2005

Montreal Morons

The CEI arrived on 6th December, eight days late into Montreal, and went off to bother an irrelevant corporate side event. The four who were travelling on a corporate expense account, like practically everyone else in the city, were: Marlo "don't tax the impoverished oil industry" Lewis, Richard "Daily Update" Morrison, Isaac "Eat DDT " Post, and our friend and intellectual patron Myron Ebell.

It's not obvious what good they are trying to do there, since not one of them knows an ounce of science, or benefits from the slightest curiosity in the study of economics, people, or the environment, beyond the constant expounding of crackpot oil-industry enriching policies that they have been paid to promote. It's predicted that an entire world's worth of cutting-edge scientific activity and new discoveries will have absolutely nothing to teach these level-headed gets that they don't know already and don't have plans to discredit if it doesn't agree with the Exxon's values. It like Creationists at an anthropology conference -- no use to anyone. Why don't they just clear off and suck an exhaust pipe?

To be fair, these fat-for-brains admitted that the conference was as lackluster as their "Dispatches from Montreal", and remained entirely below the level of rhetoric we maintain here at the Myron Ebell Climate. All they do is rest on their triumphs in the congressional legislature, a place with the collective wisdom of a bag of burning Phosphorus, and assert the impossibility of the American people burning less oil when, as we will find, it's as going to be as physically easy as dying in a car crash.

Anyone can break a machine by throwing sand into its delicate mechanisms. And anyone can break society by inserting lies into its consciousness. What these men do is pitiful. I will soon be posting up details of better jobs that they should go and get.

PS. I'm still struggling to get through the dire boring presentation by the United States made on 3pm at 30 November, and posted online. It's two and a half hours long, and wall-to-wall pain. First they ignore you, then they fight you, then they bore you, then the worms win.


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