Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pork Denominations

The American delegation put a pig rectum in a wig on the stage to state their position at the climate change talks the other day. It sounded like it was flat out lying -- what's new? -- until someone pointed out that the key phrase is greenhouse gas intensity.

The Exxon defecation organ said:

"Look at the data. The United States has done better in the first three years of the Bush Administration in addressing greenhouse gas emissions than the EU15, EU25, the UK, France, Germany -- I mean, I can go down the laundry list for you. We are not taking a targets and timetables' approach." We have an "ambitious national goal to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the United States economy by 18% by 2012."

Faced with this level of success, you might ask why not simply join the Kyoto Convention and satisfy it's requirements rather than blast about the ineffectiveness of international legal frameworks that they are so much in favour of when it's to do with the WTO?

Well, because their targets are pigshit. Greenhouse Gas Intensity is defined as the total emissions of greenhouse gas divided by the country's GDP. Let's set aside the fact that the physical climate does not care how many dollars were made per tonne of CO2 anymore than someone who is hanged notices the cost per yard of the rope around their neck. Let's also ignore the fact that the grilling greaseburgers in a McDonalds for stuffing the mouths of fat people in cars contributes more to the GDP than keeping a home full of elderly people warm enough to survive through the winter. Let's instead listen to how huge the American GDP is, which is the denominator of the equation. Dr Harlan Watson PhD (solid state money) said:

Between 2000 and 2003, President Bush’s first three years in office, the United States managed to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 1 percent, while growing our economy by $1.23 trillion -- almost the size of the entire economy of China -- and increasing our population by about 8.6 million people, which is roughly the combined population of Ireland and Norway.

Like a puff of smoke, the entire Chinese manufacturing base with its billion point two people gets blown away by a mere three years of Bush Administration economic growth. Therefore they have a right to all their carbon emissions, according to the measure. Be prepared for the new measure of the Iraqi Conflict Intensity which will be the number of casualties divided by Exxon quarterly profits. This will show things are improving there, because the number of deaths per corporate buck will have surely gone down. Certainly a sacrifice worth all of us making.


Anonymous Jan said...

Touché man, touché. I thouroughly enjoy your blogs, and trust me, you're not alone in your crusade against the CEI and their continuing stinking stream of lies and disinformation. Lets hope these a$$holes get removed quickly.

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