Thursday, October 27, 2005

"I can comment on that but I don't have anything intelligent to say."

Myron Ebell admitted in his one of his rare moments of truth. He also added, "I'm not an economist, and I don't know how much the economy is going to slow down."

But he is still sure that all our problems are due to the Endangered Species Act (now in the process of being gutted), government regulation, and the worldwide public ownership of mineral resources such as oil. That, he says, is why there is an oil price rise. That and the Chinese using up too much of it, with their penny wages and competitive economy. He didn't, of course, reach the conclusion that we should fight back with low wages too, because that's not good for public relations. He's too busy whinging about his own poverty.

It's quite neat how he always believes that private property will make everything better. According to him, if the oil was privatized in Iraq and everyone was given a share in it which they could sell back to Exxon, "in very few years it would be very efficient". Why not?

I'll tell you why not. Land ownership is a legal fiction, where the government declares a defined patch of land is owned by somebody, and on that patch that somebody has the right to commit murder to protect their property. The problem is, mineral resources are so valuable that quite a bit of murder needs to be committed to protect it, and only governments have the necessary killing power.

So it's far easier to put the oil-rich lands in the hands of the government, and then buy the Government. And at the same time for a few pennies you can hire a professional stooge like Myron Ebell to lie about it, and cry about how much they care about "small businesses". They can tell us that there is no pollution, and how "most" scientists (except the ones in print) believe that the melting of the polar ice-caps is part of a natural cycle. They will refreeze in another decade, after the polar bears go extinct. Our children will thank us for the burning all this oil in our own era so we can pay for them to go to college and get an education to become accountants.


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