Thursday, November 24, 2005

Myron Lies; We Die

Myron promises to be in Montreal for the next round of the Kyoto protocol negotiations where he expects to be as unwelcome as a dogturd skidded across the red carpet. He'll be in good company, with The Committee for a Disastrous Tomorrow. Why do they do it? They money? The fame? The righteousness? They know there will be no rocketship to take their children away to a new life on Mars when conditions on this planet change to the extent not seen in 20 million years, and may even be approaching that which killed off the dinosaurs. Their progeny will suffer like everyone else's, and for what? A few extra oil soaked dollars in their bank account in 2005? It's sick. This whole evolutionary diversion of creating a species with a big enough brain to do science is a serious mistake. We have created governments which have institutionalized and promulgated lies. The lies are falsehoods designed to force us act in a way that is against our interests. Myron Ebell's job is to write such lies; and that's the job he does. Even if it is against his own interests to do it.

This idea that it is in his interest to lie for Exxon because they are paying him is baloney. He chose this job. He can quit it and get another one, also of his choosing. Maybe he should set up a small business and thrive on product that consumers actually want. After all, that's what he foments in this deregulated economy. It has never been so successful. The roll-backs of environmental legislation have been so massive that there should be easy pickings for guys who know where they're happening to grow their business in the fresh soil of new liberalization.

(For avoidance of doubt, the public does not want another deceitful, lying mouthpiece for Exxon. That's why the money and contracts which arrange for there to be one are laundered through the Crappetitive Enterprise Institute, for whom he says he is a "Spokesperson", while disengineously omitting WTF he is speaking for.)

Everything is lies. Said the cloth-eared Myron:

"Two years ago, I was in Milan and the environmentalists there announced that dangerous human interference in the climate system was a rise in temperature of two degrees centigrade, because at the time, many scientists were claiming it was unlikely there would be much more than 2 degrees change. Now you see hundreds of examples of scientists that it's around 2 degrees, and I know who made the decision, because I was there."

Really? He must have failed to hear Geof Jenkins's presentation (see picture) at said conference in Milan on the 11th December 2003 at one o'clock in the afternoon where a slide was presented showing that there was unlikely to be much less than 2 degrees of change.

I guess this means that Dr Jenkins and all of his friends were not among the "many scientists" Myron Ebell claimed to have heard. And if he heard what he claims to have heard, then the whole scientific establishment must all be flip-floppers.

But who are we to bother? Myron Ebell is paid to make up lies. Newspaper editors are paid to print them. And we all pay the price.

People, do not let this man or other operatives like him out of your sight. We may lose our planet and our habitat, but we will get our justice before he dies. Seriously, this promise has got to resonate in time from the future back to the present and give him sleepless nights. Myron is no robot. He is just cosmically stupid. He can stop himself at any time.


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