Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gallons of green ink

Myron Ebell has continued to tar and feather himself with his latest article in the venerable Human Sewage Online, The National Conservative Weakly.

I'm not going to grace it with a hyperlink to its front page, but besides Myron's pap on this website was the interesting article WMDs Found in Iraq posted Nov 9, 2005, more than a year after the final report by President Bush's hand-picked "Iraq Survey Group" had scoured that godforsaken land for 18 months looking for retrospective justification for the war, and concluded that no such evidence existed.

Good is evil, as the Conservative movement says. To lie is to do your job, self-evidently. There is a common connection between the Alaska and Iraq in that both have oil underneath the ground. And BP/Amoco has drilling rights in Alaska (Exxon names the tankers), so the de facto oil corporate spokesman Myron is pressing as much as he can for that to be exploited, and accusing senators, who don't hold his point of view, of being "anti-energy".

Myron then goes on to quote a poll saying that 35% of voters thought that energy and gas prices were the biggest economic issue facing the country.

Not only is this not true (oil dependence and climate change are the biggest economic issues), but there is not enough oil there to make a tangible difference to anything in America, except (a) the oil companies who will profit, and (b) the wildlife that will be slaughtered.

Myron never lets the facts get in the way of a complete lie. Luckily, he is increasingly limited to posting his crap on the internet where, as everyone knows, anything goes.


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