Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Myron's Sordid Response

I was disappointed to find that Myron Ebell was allowed to publish an article of lies in my favourite newspaper today. The newspaper has a policy that when a walking piece of congealed toxic sludge gets attacked in one of their in-house comment pieces, it has a right of response.

Unfortunately, the response is not subject to the same level of fact checking (which is good for Myron), and ought at the very least have a health warning on the page. Perhaps they should leave the words the same, but just print the lies in red ink.

So, here's my letter:

Dear editors:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a money-laundering operation for companies like Exxon to indirectly hire political spokesmen, because they know that direct spokesmen have no credibility. It would be helpful if the press did not assist in this plan to mislead the public.

There is ample written evidence of Myron Ebell's complicity with Phillip Cooney, a de facto employee of Exxon in the Bush administration, to get the Kyoto Treaty jettisoned in 2002.

Myron Ebell's other job is to rubbish all scientists whose work supports the hypothesis that there is a climate changing emergency that could be averted. He does this by claiming that most other experts don't believe it, which is untrue, and that anyone outside the direct narrow field of Arctic ice field study has an opinion no more valid his, which is also untrue. Mr Ebell holds a degree in economics. He has no education, expertise, curiosity, or colleagues involved in science whatsoever. He does what he's paid for.

Yours faithfully,

The Myron Ebell Climate


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