Friday, August 19, 2005

Myron Ebell: Public Coward

In a live BBC interview on 2005-05-19, Myron was challenged to put his valuable cash on the line by George Monbiot who bet him 5000 pounds that the global average temperature over the next ten years will be higher than the global average temperature of the past ten years.

To which the tightfisted Myron said: "No, I have four children to put through university. I don't take risks."

No one at the Climate knows what courses said children are taking, but we hope they will be adequately trained to work in the growth areas of the 21st century like: Energy Efficiency Technologies, Drought Mitigation, Food Security, and Corporate Prosecution. Education is an important force for getting people to think and question their elders. We hope that at least one of his children takes their father to task for the untold harm and lasting damage he has done to the environment. Just because your dad paid for your education doesn't mean he's not a slime monster who turned back the clock of human progress with every hour he spent at work.

At least the tide is beginning to turn, decades too late. Every time Myron is interviewed in the media he is now correctly identified as an Exxon stooge and not someone to take science lessons from.

We would like to remind Myron's direct employer, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, that they are neither a charity nor a university with academic staff on tenure. They have the right to sack their employees at any time when they are no longer performing at their job of getting their corporate lies to stick and have become an embarrassment.


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