Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where were you when the oil spilled?

ExxonMobil's pipeline carrying oil from the dirty tar sands in Canada burst and is leaking into the Yellowstone river, ruining lots of country folk and rancher's PROPERTY.

Guess which dim whore who claims to defend PROPERTY RIGHTS from meddling environment regulation doesn't give a rat's ass about actual environmental devastation to PROPERTY?

Instead, here's what Myron Ebell is spending his precious press exposure banging on about:
"The government has taken upon itself to decide what people should buy," said Myron Ebell, head of Freedom Action, an activist group he described as "hardcore free market."

Ebell's group has been circulating a petition online that he said has garnered tens of thousands of signatures. Many of those who've signed have written their legislators urging an end to the ban...

Most of those who want to overturn the ban do not believe in global warming, despite the consensus among the scientific community.

"The evidence that the earth is warming up just isn't there," said Ebell. "It can't possibly be a crisis."
And the evidence that the richest corporation in history cuts corners and destroys many people's PROPERY just isn't there.