Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can we have a brainwashing ban?

Jason Mattera on Human Events has a piece against the US governments Great Outdoors Initiative intended to help millions of young Americans reconnect with our natural and cultural heritage.

According to Mattera and his friend Myron Ebell, the only thing the Great Outdoors is good for is mining, drilling and polluting. Anything else is nothing more than a brainwashing boot camp and land power-grab.

Myron continues:
The Obama administration’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative is another attempt to expand public land ownership, waste taxpayer dollars, and indoctrinate young people in the belief that more government ownership and control is better for our environment...

Creating a conservation corps may make people feel good that the federal government is helping to provide employment for unemployed young people, but it would do much better to provide economic conditions so that private investors could create real jobs.

[The] unfortunate effects of the program [will be a] larger constituency that supports the federal land agencies, just as the Peace Corps has created a constituency for useless federal aid programs to poor countries.
Yadda yadda yadda yadda. We need more ignorance to do our evil work.

The fact is there's a difference between brainwashing and education. Education enriches and improves your life and the way you live, while brainwashing uses lies and false information to make you behave in ways that are harmful to you.

Speaking of which, the billionaire Steve Forbes suddenly seems to care about Mercury poisoning when it comes to phasing out old and inefficient technologies in the lighting department. Technological progress he does not want. He gets Myron Ebell to fill him in on the bollocks:
Cost savings are exaggerated. First, the [new] bulbs are tested under ideal conditions. Some household uses approximate these ideal conditions. Most do not. For example, if you turn a light on and off a lot, such as a bathroom light, you will save very little electricity because CFLs use a lot of electricity to start up. Second, CFLs tend not to last as long as advertised. Therefore, you end up replacing CFLs before they have achieved the savings needed to make up the [cost] difference [of the old-fashioned bulb].
Media Matters has covered this story. Turns out that every single allegation made in it is wrong or no longer accurate due to advances in technology.

As usual, if you want to know what's right, it's always the exact opposite of what the mass extinction engine known as Myron Ebell says.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why don't you frack-off, Myron

The strain of decorating his crappy blogposts with images each day has taken its toll, to the extent that Myron Ebell is having to put up flagrantly photoshopped images of the characters he seeks to smear.

The story, as lame as can be, refers to the following two-line paragraph in a morning roundup page that is evidently sponsored by "America’s Natural Gas Alliance"
ME WONDERS WHAT VAN JONES THINKS ABOUT THE ARTICLE – @VanJones68: “At least until public learns that fracking poisons H2O!”
Myron managed to pad this out to nine pointless paragraphs with a fake photo without linking to the tweet it was all about.

This is seriously pathetic.

Myron's yesterday offering was decorated with a map of Washington DC ringed by its glorious beltway road. There's only so many times you can use that graphic. Maybe it'll go on. This man is staggeringly uncreative. It takes 3 years to come up with a new idea.

In the piece he continuies to drool over the progress of a bill asserting the US Congress's power to forbid any air pollution law enforcement throughout the country. This is the same tactic as in the past, going against the power of the California Air Resources Board to regulate emissions in their state, because only the Congress has the power to raise fuel efficiency standards -- or to not raise them at all, as dictated by its corporate owners.

And in the crap before that he is complaining about the lack of dumping of nuclear waste, and how it continues to be temporarily stored on site at the power stations that created the mess. You see, the Japanese earth-quake proves how dangerous it is to keep this spent material on location. But not as dangerous as when it is actually in the reactor, eh?

It's the routine dishonesty that is all part of the Ebell's daily work. Here is a photoshopped image of Myron I did a few years back. I think it is quite flattering.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inside the bum's way

Myron Ebell has returned to the CEI's globalwarming.org web-waves with a couple of posts on a newly revamped front page (which cunningly avoids any photos of retrieting glaciers) about the machinations in Congress. The new Republican majority is causing him to wet his pants with glee as it attempts to scrub out any and all programs to make this world a less dirty and dangerous place for humans to survive in.

He begins:
The House of Representatives took the first step on Thursday toward reclaiming its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
This is, of course, a lie. The House of Representatives has always had the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. What Ebell actually craves is for it to claim the power to block every other institution in the country from performing the necessary functions required to promote the survival of the nation and the human species at large from environmental catastrophe.

Not all of us are blessed with the idiotic faith of the new chairman of the Energy Subcommittee on Energy and Power, John Shimkus, who can be seen here claiming that, according to the infallible word of god, "As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will never cease."

Anyways, back to Myron, who drivels on for the rest of his piece:
Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) chimed in that he was worried the Republicans would try to repeal the law of gravity. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) instead thought that Republicans were trying to repeal the first law of thermodynamics and cause children all over the world to get asthma... Preventing asthma is now the principal reason brought forward by the global warming alarmists in Congress to cripple the U. S. economy with energy-rationing regulations.
He goes on to claim that global warming is good for asthma, following an internet search that required the usual filtering out of all things authentically scientific.

Myron's second piece concerns some further congressional machinations over getting this inaction-forcing law through the senate.

Interestingly, he links to this article which concludes with a for and against section:
The Upton bill has drawn fire from environmentalists and public health advocates, including the American Lung Association.

The measure has been praised by the oil and gas industry, including refiners and the American Petroleum Institute.
So that's where he got his rant about asthma and showed off how much more he knew about the effects than the experts concerned.

Would you take advice from Doctor M. Ebell?

Not if you wanted to be able to take measures to live.

We're god's hands now.

And guess what: god doesn't have any hands anyway.