Monday, January 23, 2006


The odoriferous name "Myron Ebell" is like the squirt Methanethiol they add to natural gas to create that certain smell which you can detect before it reaches explosive concentrations.

The author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science gave an interview where he mentioned his conversations with Myron Ebell without reminding readers that he is a corporate liar. In that one omission he gave away the game of exactly what his book was about.

No signal is ever clearer that the drink has been spiked with the equivalent of liver-rotting methanol than the assumption that Myron Ebell has any credibility. Even the Washington Post now always reports that he works for a "think tank [which] receives contributions from companies opposed to mandatory carbon limits" when they quote him.

A better result would be not to take quotes from this clown at all. Cut out the middle-man. Phone up the Exxon PR department directly and ask them to spell the words: "Global Warming is a loony left-wing conspiracy promulgated by anti-science forces better funded than ours" in burning octane scraped off the molten Arctic ocean after the next oil tanker disaster.

Or maybe they're too embarrassed to say what they actually think, because they know it's wrong.

Myron Ebell has nothing to say in his worthless utterances. He is damaged goods. His position as an undercover corporate spokesman has been blown wide open, and the rest of this pack of talentless rent-a-liars at the CEI should be put out to pasture somewhere near Chernobyl where they can taste the imaginary isotopes of an environmentalist conspiracy embedding alpha transmitters into their bones.


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