Friday, November 26, 2010

More family-friendly allegations of fraud

Why does use of the word "family" so often carry a cloud of evil?

Chris Woodward of OneNewsNow, a division of the American Family News Network, has published Myron Ebell's latest unsubstantiated allegations of false climate data:
"These e-mails revealed that these scientists have been putting their political agenda ahead of their science, that they have been manipulating the data, and that they have been conspiring together to suppress scientific research and other scientists who don't agree with their conclusions," Myron Ebell, director of energy and global warming policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) tells OneNewsNow about the information released.

One example of manipulation involves the CRU's altering of temperature data for the 1930s to make them appear cooler than that of more recent decades, when in fact, it had temperatures similar to those of the last 20 years. But Ebell points out that many other issues remain unaddressed, which is why his organization and others are calling for a real investigation.

"There are also many references in these e-mails and in some of the files to other things that weren't part of the initial release of all these documents," he notes. "Where are the rest of the e-mails that are referred to in what we have? So, there's a lot there, I think, still to be discovered in terms of the conspiracy that was going on and the scientific fraud that was being committed."
The "rest of the emails" between the scientists are none of Mr Ebell's business -- especially in light of his deliberate misreading and misinformation about the ones that have been hacked.

What is, however, our business are the rest of the plans surrounding the leaked 1998 Exxon memo where he conspired to promote falsified science through fake "media-trained" scientists to the public and to policy-makers.

The data Myron is complaining about is partly available from CRU here, and the independent NASA GISSTEMP data can be downloaded from here, including all the software in an easy-to-use form.

On what basis does Myron Ebell believe the data has been altered, other than his malicious misreadings of a set of emails? If there is anything more to it, then he should be able to point to the numbers that have been changed, and actual evidence that they have been forged.

Unfortunately, a crap reporter such as Mr Woodward is too dumb to hold him to this standard, busy as he is fighting for the oligarchy with their billions of unearned inherited wealth.


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