Saturday, October 02, 2010

No pressure at all

Myron Ebell summarizes his oily wet-dream on the politico Lies Inc. website:
Instead of continuing to pour taxpayer money into crony-capitalist projects, the Congress should:
  • overturn the Obama administration's moratorium on offshore drilling in the western Gulf of Mexico;

  • open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil and natural gas exploration;

  • overturn the cancellations of oil and gas leases on federal lands throughout the West; and

  • compel the administration to start leasing offshore tracts off the coast of southern California and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Within a few years, the economic results would be stunning: increased domestic oil production, lower trade deficits due to lower oil imports, hundreds of thousands of high-paying and non-subsidized jobs, and tens of billions of dollars in lease auction and royalty payments to the federal treasury. Yes, that’s right — oil and gas production on federal lands and in federal offshore waters pays money into the treasury rather than taking it out.
But what about the kids?

What about them after we've dredged and burned every drop of fossil fuels at the pleasure of this generation and left them with nothing by a devastated environment.

I'll tell you about the kids...


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