Sunday, September 12, 2010

Myron loves failure

Politico's fact-free zone decorated its lively debate Is climate science a settled matter? with comments from Junkman Steve Milloy as well as Myron Ebell pontificating about how all the winning Republican candidates are boneheads -- I beg your pardon -- don't believe in global warming.

And cap-and-trade, as far as applying a market-based solution to the problem, has as much future as we have. A very bad one.

Later, Myron Ebell got his boot in first on the Higher energy taxes to boost economy debate.

You see, oil company execs can never have enough private jets, so it's wrong to tax their profits and spend it on something productive.
This appears part of a broader plan by President Obama to force domestic petroleum production down. Other elements include the six-month moratorium on offshore leases in the Gulf, cancelling planned oil and gas leases federal lands in the West, and opposing new production on Alaska’s North Slope and offshore in the Arctic Ocean. Less energy and more expensive energy is extremely bad news for the American economy.

The president’s proposals to spend more taxpayer dollars on transportation infrastructure are a mixed bag. One of the bigger chunks is to go to high-speed rail projects. These are mostly colossally expensive boondoggles.
He then gleefully referred to a washington times article about how Obama's attempts to invest in future energy technologies has flopped with a lot of the money going abroad to buy the equipment that isn't manufactured in America.

It's all very depressing. Myron Ebell wants the president to fail, technology to fail, America to fail, and the human race to fail. And he loves it, like those mythical oil eating bacteria in the gulf of mexico that just love environmental devastation.


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