Monday, September 20, 2010

Dirty Ebell Proposition

Myron Ebell continues to speak out against jobs, new techonologies and anything that infringes his corporate sponsors' right to pollute and degrade the environment in perpetuity.

As usual, he gets a free fact-free airing on politico:
California's economic future depends on passing Proposition 23 and suspending AB 32. California's Democratic-controlled legislature and Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have worked mightily the past few years to turn their state into an economic basket case...

California was the main economic engine pulling America forward for most of the past sixty-some years. That engine has been destroyed by its elected leaders through a wide array of economically disastrous policies. California once had a highly diversified economy that included considerable energy-intensive manufacturing. For example, California once had major auto assembly and airplane manufacturing plants. They are now gone...

The fact that the sate of California is now broke may force its government to reverse many disastrous policies. That will help to revive economic activity, but it is unlikely that sizable investments will be made in new businesses until the threat of the drastic energy-rationing measures required by AB 32 disappears.
Spending by oil companies in favour of this hope and green jobs killing Proposition 23 is in the tens of millions. The names include Adam Smith Foundation, Occidental Petroleum, National Petrochemical and Refiners Association, Tower Energy Group, World Oil Corp, Southern Counties Oil, California Trucking Association, Murray Energy, Berry Petrochemical, Boyett Petroleum.

Here is the anti video:

In the upside-down world of right-wing politics, the words of the proposition say that any green jobs program must be suspended until California's unemployment rate is below 5.5%. It's currently 12%. And jobs programs are needed -- unless you are part of the super-rich elite who don't care if the rest of the planet burns.

Meanwhile, on the Bone-heads Digest Myron writes:
[T]hree separate motions were filed in the federal D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals asking the court to delay implementation of EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations until the court rules on the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Endangerment Finding upon which the regulations are based.

One motion was filed by the State of Texas; another was filed by several non-profit policy and legal groups; and the third was filed by three industry trade associations.
That second link leads to a legal case made by Myron's employer, the CEI, plus the Ohio Coal Association and the "Coalition for Responsible Regulation". I wonder why he wasn't proud to mention that.

Oh, and also the third one is also by the Coalition for Responsible Regulation. No one knows who the hell they are. And Myron Ebell is certainly not going to tell you because that would give the game away -- You know the one where he is constantly trying to pass off regressively lethal special interests as real public interest concerns by lying, lying, lying and lying.


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