Thursday, September 09, 2010

No nuclear power construction deaths ever??

Blogger Paul Mulshine on is the latest on-line correspondent to take comments from "expert" Myron Ebell and post them up without checking if they make any sense. Take a look at this one:
But then there’s the example of that windmill in Oregon that collapsed in 25-mph winds back in 2007 and killed a guy who was working on it. That means wind power has already killed more Americans than have been killed by nuclear power in all our history.
Is Myron Ebell suggesting that there has not been one accidental death during the construction or maintenance of any nuclear power plant in the US ever?

And this guy was dumb enough to print it, as opposed to saying to Ebell:
"Actually that statement about there never being a construction death in the nuclear power industry doesn't sound credible, even if you don't know anything like we do. Can you make up some other false statement instead that sounds a little more plausible? That's what you're paid for, isn't it?"
Generally we know that Myron Ebell is against all new technology, unless it's the kind that enables more fossil fuels to be burned, even though he says it would be less. So Myron's has to scare-monger as much as he can about these turbines and use what little material he has to draw on.
Ebell, who comes from Oregon, told me of what happened when a wind farm was constructed not far from where he grew up. "Within two months, one broke apart in high wind and a blade was found more than a mile away," Ebell said. "Can you imagine sitting on your front porch and seeing one of those coming at you?"
When did this happen? 1973? Could it have physically flown as far as anyone's front porch? Probably not. But, please, just imagine it did, so I can make you scared of these things.

What you are not supposed to be scared of, according to Myron Ebell, is anything to do with lovely clean and tasty fossil fuels.

They don't hurt anyone, do they?


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