Monday, November 01, 2010

Diesel for brains

Last week the EPA proposed some modest regulations to take trucks that burn 16 gallons of diesel per hundred miles off the market from 2014 where they are doing unnecessary harm.

Oh no!!!! howls Myron Ebell and the other preening pigs at the CEI.

USA Today published a small quote in their otherwise good article:
A conservative group that opposes government involvement in the economy denounced the proposed rules as "energy rationing." Myron Ebell, director of the center for energy and environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said, "The only way to increase fuel efficiency as quickly (as proposed) will be to move less freight," damaging the economy.
That's "less freight per gallon of diesel" to you, which is seen as a tragedy for all mass-extinction loving nihilists.

Over in the ghetto of "The New American" -- just like the old American -- magazine, Myron's feelings gets more exposure:
In response to the newest EPA suggestion, Myron Ebell, director of Competitive Enterprise Institute, remarks, "It is already in the interests of truck manufacturers and the freight industry to make trucks as fuel efficient as possible. The only way to increase fuel efficiency as quickly as EPA's proposal requires will be to move less freight. That means that commercial activity and economic growth will take a huge hit."
What Myron is alleging is that trucks are already as fuel efficient as possible -- the market actors having already pursued their interests -- notwithstanding any government regulations mandating fuel efficiency that would have illogically not been met.

This is as beyond laughable as his previous claim that there have been no deaths during the construction of any nuclear power plant ever. But you have to bear in mind the sorts of people he talks to.

Hat tip to this article in Think Progress where you can see Myron in action putting up direct lies onto the screen.


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