Friday, October 10, 2008

Foundation Wash

The Myron Ebell on-line newsfeed is decidedly thin these days. One wonders what he is doing with his time once he has finished filing his 60 words of sadness on, moaning that presidential candidates' plans for fossil fuelenergy rationing will increase poverty around the world (as if climate change isn't going to 1000 times moreso), and deploring the Wall Street bailout bill because of its tiny element of "tax credits for various types of renewable energy" (as if the $700 billion for crap isn't 1000s of times more significant).

Meanwhile, someone still in the excrement-smeared office of the CEI found time to make this post about how some other filthy tobacco-funded cheating and killing astroturfing operation (the Capital Research Center) had just published an 8 page screed citing Myron Ebell's May 2006 two paragraph quoted whinge about the appointment of Henry Paulson because of his association with the relatively benign greenwash that is the Nature Conservancy which serves "as the agent for turning millions of acres of productive private land into federally-owned land and has made huge profits doing so".

Issues such as how this guy, who has worked within the vast Ponzi scheme that is the United States banking system, is now in the job to help cover up this fraud, don't matter to the CEI, or indeed to the CRC.

The article, screed, whatever you call it, spends the first 4 pages decrying the huge amount of influence Goldman Sachs and its directors have had in government policy (though let's not mention Big Oil), is then interrupted by a big ugly black and white smug-shot of a young Myron Ebell in his tweed, before pinning the whole problem down to philanthropic donations to environmental causes and meddling in global warming issues by Sachs' employees.

The CRC, who publishes a newsletter called "Foundation Watch" (in which the above article is in), maintains a database of non-profits and grantmakers who they feel are meddling in government policy. This extensive database (see page 7 of 'C') doesn't, of course, refer to itself or the CEI -- both of who live off philanthropic grants and meddle in government policy.

Though, to be fair, it does disclose the funding of these two toilets by Exxon in 2006 in this page of background information.

Yes, I know these funds seem quite minuscule in the grand scale of things. But when a rational public policy is apparently as cheap to assassinate as, say, Martin Luther King, then the exact dollar-value of the rifle is inconsequential. What matters is whether you participated and supported in the commission of evil. It cannot be forgiven.

We have been without justice for so long we have forgotten what it's like.


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