Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hurricane heads

As the third major tropical storm of the month massacres non-American people in Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean, there's deafening silence on both both blogs sponsored by Myron Ebell's continuing employer, the so-called Competitive so-called Enterprise so-called Institute.

The pictures are quite shocking, and show how easy it is to "adapt" to circumstances, as Myron Ebell says our children and grand-children will have no problem doing, for the convenience we experience from our current lifestyle, which they won't get.

Without any comments about this humanitarian situation which is occurring (denial isn't just for science, it's for all other things you can see as well), we're have to go back to the highlights.

The highlights include, Myron's colleagues explaining that the death rate from Hurricane Katrina was due to not everyone having cars with which to evacuate from New Orleans.

Presumably, in Haiti their problems would be sorted out if everyone had a private yacht so they could head over to the next Caribbean vacation island whenever it got a bit rainy.

We have to remember that the CEI care about poor people so much that they make ad campaigns to explain how environmentalists want to take away electric streetlights from impoverished rural villages where they have so much benefit.

I wonder if that streetlight (which was a gift by the CEI-hating National Rural Electric Cooperative Association) is still standing, following the mudslides. Things are bad. They are getting worse. Even as Exxon pays people become more ignorant about it.

Reviewing the blog comments over where the NRECA copyright infringement arguments were published, the guys there have problems:
Yes, I do believe [a supernatural being in the sky blinked its eyes once a day for 6 days 6,000 years ago and created the universe and everything in it.]

It beats what I am expected to believe.


The moon was created by volcanic activity – oops – sorry we were wrong. We don’t know how it was created. Here is a theory. A big something or other slammed into the earth billions of years ago and the collection of the fragments formed the moon (the latest theory). So, over time in a vacuum, a perfect sphere can be created out of jagged fragments. It is there and I can’t prove it did not happen this way so, it must be fact.
It sometimes looks like the human species is too stupid to live. The tragedy is that that many of those who aren't complete morons are evil enough to take money to disinform them, knowing that full well that playing this game threatens our survival.


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