Thursday, September 18, 2008

An April shower of piss

Every time I dig into the internet, there's another horror lurking. Here's Myron fittingly dressed like the wet pope of death reading out his usual piss poor talking points. You wonder why he needed to write them down:

It's a shame we don't get to see the audience, paid to cheer and boo. This is the auspicious start of some wacky Hot Air Tour paid for by the future-killing organization called Americans for Prosperity where they go round the United States with a big red gas bag bearing the slogan:

Energy Taxes Hurt Families & Kill Jobs

Myron's 22 April 2008 speech runs with the usual:
  • Those nasty politicians support Cap and Trade legislation

  • Cap and Trade is a tax on consumers for hydrocarbon energy

  • That's where we get 85% of our energy

  • From a politician's perspective, it's the best kind of tax; it's a hidden tax

  • The absolutely essential goal of this tour is to let Americans know that Cap and Trade is a tax

  • With Cap and Trade the government tell how much energy people can use

  • Americans will be forced to pay more for gasoline

  • Raising the cost of energy will cost Americans their jobs

  • But if Al Gore is right, what will it take to stop Global Warming?

  • In the EU gas taxes have been raised to try to reduce emissions

  • The price gas in most EU countries is 8 dollars a gallon

  • If it would help Global Warming, would you be willing to pay 8 dollars a gallon for gasoline?

  • Even with 8 dollars gas, emissions are going up faster in the EU than they are in the US

  • What is Cap and Trade? A tax!
Speaking of unregulated capitalism this week, as the entire financial system is bailed out from its self-inflicted collapse with 100% TAX MONEY, I don't see why these gits wouldn't want us to pay more tax. If it weren't for these taxes propping it up, capitalism would have collapsed long ago.

The point about fossil fuel taxes, (not energy taxes, you mealy-mouthed by-the-book PR-reframing, lying twat) is to encourage people not to pay them. Encourage them to use other sources of energy (which will be subsidized by the fossil fuel tax), and use it more efficiently in pursuit of a reasonable life for themselves and their grand-children's children whom we assume (though this may not apply to Myron) they don't want to see starved and wiped off the side of this planet.

Cap and Trade was a system whereby the private industries kept the tax and redistributed the money among themselves. It didn't go to the government. It was an attempt to buy them off.

But as we can see, with industry going around place paying the Myron Ebells of this world to lie about its intent, its purpose, and the reason why it needs to be done, why bother? Obviously the oil industries don't want to play along with this game, and really they ought to be closed down and nationalized. Like the financial system has been this week.

Oh, yeah, this just in:
Plants are unlikely to soak up more carbon dioxide from the air as the planet warms, research suggests.

US scientists found that grassland took up less CO2 than usual for two years following temperatures that are now unusually hot, but may become common.
That's to go with Myron's oft made claim that elevated CO2 will have the only side effect of more plant growth.


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