Sunday, September 28, 2008

We are dead meat

Take it from David Letterman. "We are SO screwed."

Meanwhile, Daniel Gilbert tries to rationalize it as a flaw in the human brain.

He's wrong, though. It's a flaw in our human society. The fact that people like Myron Ebell and his entire support network of liars who maliciously disrupt the governing process in its fumbling grasp for an effective solution, while we angrily denounce and lock up holocaust deniers whose message really is of no consequence to the survival of the species -- that's the failure.

It's high time that Myron Ebell -- who must fully understand the issue in order to concoct his fiendish lies -- starts begging for forgiveness. It's too late to make up for the damage he has done, but getting out there in person to heed Al Gore's call for civil disobedience against the construction of new coal power stations would credit towards a sense of justice.

If he doesn't start doing that, then he is absolutely pure evil. Not just misguided, greedy and opportunistic.


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