Wednesday, October 01, 2008

When the rich do right

Pro-Bush swift-boater T. Boone Pickens, who remains unrepentant for abusing the democratic system and sending us into this hole of dysfunctional governance, proposes a wind power plan to generate electricity from wind instead of natural gas, which instead would be used for transport.

The plan would be fast to implement and reduce the serious burden on the US economy from oil imports.

You can tell the plan is probably effective, merely because Myron Ebell and is fellow campaigners at the CEI, who work night and day for the collapse of society and the extinction of the human race, are against it.

Said Senile Fellow, Iain Murray:
Pickens wants us all to drive cars powered by natural gas. Yet CNG-powered cars are heavier, much more expensive and take 20 hours to refuel at home. They're just not a serious alternative to the gasoline-powered car.
Since most people fill their cars at the gas station, it's an ignorant statement. As to being heavier, he's referring to the empty tank. Not the weight when it's full of gas (not liquid), or the rest of the car, which will be small and efficient, lacking the need for fuel pumps, filters, complex carburetor, etc.

Ebell showed up to break wind in this stupid article:
"You can buy an awful lot of promotion and access for $58 million." Ebell said he doesn’t buy the assertion that Pickens is in it for altruism, and noted that he stands to gain a windfall if Congress backs a long-term extension of tax credits for wind.

Ebell also noted that Pickens lost $270 million last year in investments, raising the stakes even more for the success of his energy ideas.
Funnily enough, everybody with their own money in the stock market "lost" money during that period.

Why aren't these PR dollars still going to the CEI to continue its lying? he wailed.

This theme showed up with the usual stand-by Gore-bash whenever ideas are thin.

You can beg as much as you like. Even as the CEI closes down, our demise will be its long lasting legacy.


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