Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Update on Ebell

Since both main-party US Presidential candidates agree with the Military Advisory Board that climate change "poses a serious threat to America's national security" (ie that many Americans will die), Myron Ebell has rolled up his sleeves and got to work to make sure that this belief gets challenged -- in order that in the future many Americans will die.

As Myron's leverage is with the Republican Party, he's been attacking John McCain who has flip-flopped to the side of evil on so many other crucial issues, he seems a sure bet.

The fight is going to be down at the Republican Party convention, where Myron claims McCain is "really out of step with the strong majority of his party." How the press can continue to repeat the lie that his employer, the Competitive Exitprise Institute is "non-partisan" is beyond belief.

Anyway, at least there's some coverage of one of the standard lies about how, although all the ice caps are clearly melting at an accelerated rate (far quicker than the scientists predicted, because their calculations have erred too much on the conservative side), it's compensated by the ice getting thicker on the top.

Since Myron has never been to Greenland or Antarctica, nor is there any evidence he knows or cares to analyse any scientific measurements, it's clear to everyone outside our death-wish news media that he's simply making this up.

However, following this repeated claim, some scientists have looked into it:
Using satellite data that looked at both the West and East Antarctic ice sheets, the researchers concluded there has been no real increase in precipitation in the region in the past five decades.
Pah, says Ebell. You don't want to pay attention to any of those measurements things. He asks why are scientists are drawing broad conclusions from data covering such a short time span.

And the answer is, because they know what it means. And it's bad. Very bad.

"We now have 'the sky is falling down' on the basis of a few years of data," Myron said. You could say the same about a brain tumour, but you'd listen to a medical doctor's opinion about it, wouldn't you?

Signing off with a Thanks In Advance from the future generations for all the hard work you have put in ensuring that total environmental devastation becomes unavoidable for the sake of a few oily dollars in your pocket.


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