Sunday, June 12, 2005

Awash with old news

Well, I'll be darned. What happens when you hire one of Myron Ebell's friends to edit the government's climate change report? Lies, obviously. That's what Ebell's job is about, and what his friends call him to ask for help with.

You can still see one of those frivilous legal attacks made against the US Climate Action Report 2002 that was complained about in Rick Piltz's memo. We were all staggered at the time, because a factual document written by scientists accidentally got released by the Bush Administration. Ebell and friends had to be called in to help with the "damage limitation".

Truth is always damaging to a professional liar, which is why Mr Ebell thrives in today's modern media climate. Completely damning memos never seem to do the job of scraping out cancerous growths that they used to.


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