Tuesday, February 08, 2005

An Intellectual Sea Cucumber

Time for another quick sticky dip into the Myron archive from July 1, 2001. All words are original. No distortion necessary. Some of the links are contemporary.

"High energy prices and rolling blackouts have finally sparked a national debate on energy policy... For eight years, the Clinton-Gore administration quietly pursued energy policies designed to lower production, constrict supplies, and raise prices. ... The plan, produced by a task force chaired by Vice President Dick Cheney ... will make it possible to build, on a large scale, the energy infrastructure so sorely lacking in the U.S. today... The chief beneficiaries of more abundant and more affordable energy will be consumers. "

"The environmental left ... lament[s] that mankind would soon exhaust the Earth's resources unless we curb our wicked addiction to over-consumption."

"If you want to see the result of the left's policies, look at California. The state's government has forced one conservation measure after another for decades. Consequently, Californians now consume less electricity per person than any other state. But since Californians also resisted new power plants and insisted on retail price caps, they now face the ultimate form of conservation: rationing, also known as rolling blackouts. "

"Those are the two sides of our national energy debate. May the better [lies] win."

Enough already. It's time Exxon sacked this useless idiot. Why pay him more blood money to get worse?


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