Friday, March 25, 2005


Mr. Ebell did some work at last: 3600 words of bone-headness with a third of the material cut and pasted from other "news" sources.

Myron began his piece with a report on the Kyoto Protocol, crowing about protests that were unattended and pointing out the non-existent contradictions in the rhetoric of the climate campaigners -- Kyoto should be implemented, although on its own it is ineffective, like "get out of bed in the morning", even though on its own that doesn't get you to work on time. He expressed admiration for those poor and working class carbon tarriff traders who were trying to earn an honest living having to beat up some Greenpeace agitators who invaded their pit in London.

Myron reported on some Global Warming Bills passing through congress, before reporting on some non-happenings in the European Union, but it was too boring to read.

Myron felt unapologetic about how Tony Blair's Climate Change rhetoric seems not to agree with his actions (not taxing aircraft fuel, not requiring public bodies to use renewable energy), before reporting that to fund development of renewable energy in Britain, electricity prices would have to rise by a whole five percent. Compared to the cost of a new Thames Barrier, this is going to look damn cheap. He then went on to miss the point of Global Warming bonds, by taking it literally. It's actually a financial illustration of the fact that that spoiling the planet now is a cost on the unborn who's interests are not properly represented on today's Exxon balance sheet. Even though he has kids, Myron doesn't care about future generations because he thinks they will either live in space, or experience the Rapture, or both.

Myron did report some alarming stuff from a Climate Change conference in Exeter, but chose to single out this boring poster by someone in the US department of Interior.

Then he gets back to his usual attempt at hammering a crack in the handle of the "hockey stick" temperature graph by droning on about the Medieval Warm Period again, after which all the ice and glaciers refroze into a state where they were indistinguishable from glaciers that have stood unmelted for hundreds of thousands of years.

Aparently, while everything else is changing, the Polar Bear "harvesters" have been reporting an explosion of Bear numbers in the Arctic. Quick, kill as many as you can now while they're all over the place. Shooting things is fun and good for the environment. When they all disappear we can say the seals ate them. The precise text of the unsourced bear article is repeated all over the internet word for word, which clearly means it's true.

I don't know about you, but I don't think Myron's got much to show for himself. Maybe he's losing faith. It's also notable how British-focussed he's becoming. There are rumours that after their victories among the political classes in America, the oil-and-lies industry has shifted to London. Note to Myron: You might find it more challenging here because, although our politicians are just as stupid as out where you came from, more than a few of them haven't worked for an oil company! They might not so easily mistake you for a human being, as opposed to a lie monger. So do enjoy your alumni dinner in Cambridge University and the lovely spring weather. If you want to look clever it's best if you don't open your mouth.


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