Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Climate wakes up

Okay, holiday time is over. Every leaked document that has come out of the Anglo-American government while I've been away has proved that us "radicals" and "fringe lunatics" are 100% correct -- more so than we ever believed -- and that the official stories were what they appeared: barefaced lies.

Read the Downing Street Memo and weep at how blatantly and unquestioningly they do it. If these people treated scientific evidence with the same contempt as military intelligence, we'd find the same techniques of doctoring the official reports by inserting the phrase "significant and fundamental" before the word "uncertainties".

Once you have an official report, no matter how bad, official people can refer to it, and that needs be their only official point of contact with reality. Treading the same earth and breathing the same atmosphere as the rest of us does not mean their intellect is on the same planet. They exist in a fantasy world concocted by science fiction writers such as Myron Ebell who were given leave to edit the reports.

At no time during any of these episodes does anyone on the inside ask the obvious questions: "Why?", and "What will this achieve in the end?"

The Myron Ebell Climate would like to welcome Jim Kunstler's Clusterfuck-nation as a ray of hope. If the oil supplies are dwindling in a way that this important component of the world's crackpot "globalized" economic and energy policy must be reconsidered, then it's almost like God is giving us a message at this time. The coincidence of these factors is fortuitous; if the official liars can hold to their story through this they could just as well sell the flat earth theory to a user of GPS.

On a final topical note, Tony Blair is supposedly cashing in on the favour he did for George Bush helping his administration to invade Iraq, by asking him to do something about climate change. No one believes such a trade-off could happen, for while continuing to murder thousands of children in a foreign country never troubled Blair's conscience, going against his oil interests is something that Bush cannot contemplate. So, there will be some inconsequential crumbs.

And instead of making a speech, saying: "Look folks, I'm really disappointed now. I did all this lying and invading foreign countries for this guy, and look what I get in return. Absolutely bugger all," he will lie as usual and say: "My goodness, these crumbs are tasty. It's definitely a good start and a step in the right direction. My hopes for the future are fullfilled. Never you worry."

This is what he will do, because it's a political axiom that you never embarrass the President of the United States, or admit you have been a damn fool. As usual, the questions that need to be asked are: "Why?" and "Where does that get you?" If you don't have good answers to those, then you shouldn't be making the effort to lie.


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