Friday, February 18, 2005

Kyoto Protocol enters into Farce

Last week, while the world stared into the abyss through the tatters of the Kyoto Protocol (copyright Myron Ebell), our man in DC was laughing into his beer-belly and congratulating the miracle of the free market where liars triumph by making more money.

"The costs of the policies required by Kyoto will far outweigh any potential benefits," said economic ignoramous Myron Ebell, refering to his contract with Exxon Oil. Back at the "Competitive Enterprise Institute", that piece of snot holding together a pack of talking cancers, there is not a shred evidence that there has ever been an original thought, an evidence-based economic study, or an honest statement in the entire history of that Public Relations company. Not one person has an economic understanding that extends beyond the duties of a paid employee to spread the word about the goodness of oil and the badness of everything else.

According to Myron's doctrine, if we keep the faith and use as much fossil fuel as possible, we will somehow create and store wealth (by burning it!) and develop new technology. Meanwhile, he will do everything possible to ration wind power and manipulate the system so that all alternative forms of energy remain uneconomical, whereupon the power of the market will ensure that they can never get built and can never compete against lovely oil.

In London last week several hundred people went on a Climate Change March. They expect to be joined by several hundred million people in the future as entire coastal landstrips get washed away and water sources become polluted by a projected seven metre sea level rise.

Myron knows this is going to happen because he reads the reports. Although it is difficult for a man to admit something which he is paid not to understand, he makes plans. For the moment he promises to continue lying to the bitter end. He will then collect his fee and -- through the power of the markets and the right of private property -- buy a nice homestead up in the mountains out of trouble while the rest of us die on the plain.

Sure, that will happen. This man has been insulated in his fantasy-land for far too long. As any good Christian knows, the poor will inherit the earth. When a billion hungry people migrate inland because they will die otherwise, no elite-made law, land title deeds, nor social delusions such as nationhood or political borders are going to stop them. Private property will have the same meaning to these people as it does to wild bears. No one will be safe. Real capitalists like Myron Ebell will show their true face by defending their stolen property with guns. Real people will identify such individuals as murderers who suffer a terrible delusion that a Government can issue tradeable pieces of paper that define a plots of land on this Earth wherein the holder has the license to kill anyone he chooses.

No one wants things to degenerate to that level. That's why the political class would be wise to appear wise, and not push the crap into the fan so hard that the world completely loses faith in the lies that keep them at the top.

Myron, the record of your work is known. You are the traitor to the species. Any fool can unlock the gate and let the maurading army into the castle. You will not be safe as long as anyone from within the castle is still alive.


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