Friday, November 26, 2004

What a waste of time this is

In his Coolheads Newsletter of 2004-07-21, Myron begins by rubbishing the state attorneys of seven states who are filing a "public nuisance" complaint against power stations for emitting carbon dioxide, and thereby contributing to global warming and it's consequences. He quotes several sarcastic articles from local newspapers.

Now, I doubt there's anyone who doesn't think that it's a ridiculous
state of affairs, probably as symbolic and futile as lying in front of a bulldozer when it's come to tear down your house. But what's one to do when the system has failed utterly, and is corrupted to the core?

Myron always gets a chuckle over the sad story of the Kyoto Protocol, reporting the latest controversies in Russia, and the fact that the losing Democratic Party failed to mention it in their conservative-pandering platform. Lest we forget, the US was deeply involved in the drafting this treaty and can take credit for many of its flaws. Then they withdrew from it in a gesture not unlike a guy stirring a tablespoon of turd into the punchbowl before leaving a party. Myron is the kind of guy who would do that, and then laugh at everyone when they got sick.

Like most arrogant capitalists, Myron takes any statement by a Union of Employer's Confederations seriously when they say how much they care about consumers having to pay higher prices and earn lower wages as a consequence of any attempt at a climate change policy (what Myron quaintly calls "Energy Suppression"). Those of us who are not fools know that the whole point of an Employer's Confederations is to promote higher consumer prices and lower wages for the masses. Whenever this leads to high employer profits -- which it normally does -- that's a good thing. But if the money ever dares to go towards promoting the public welfare, that must be fought tooth and nail.

We then get a summary of this year's paper by Glenn Schleede, a man who makes a living attempting eliminate all government spending on wind energy anywhere. He is critical of the industry's highly successful campaign to mislead the media and gain as much as hundreds of millions of dollars of unfair subsidy and grants from gullible governments for their research and development that has measureably improved the technology over the years.

You can count on none of these corrupt, lying, cheating, deceitful, business-blinded nincompoops, who profess to care oh-so-much about responsible federal government spending, to breath a word about the utterly unproductive synthetic coal subsidy that has stuffed billions into the pockets of the guys who secretly pay their wages through front groups, like the CEI. The fact that wind power could pose any kind of business threat to the oil industry is suggested by the fact that they lobby so hard to eliminate it. They don't do the same for the Ballistic Missile Shield, which is where the serious money is being stolen in the name of shite technology.

After assuring his audience that coal burning emits no more Mercury than the cultivation of sunflowers, Myron finishes his report with a confusing message about how the rise in global temperatures (which isn't happening) is causing a northward shift of vegetation and mammals. The species are migrating into the parks, but they're not migrating out and going north. So that's good news for all you park-going wildlife spotters. Myron has to go on vacation to other places than Glacier National Park to keep his mind clean from the facts on the ground. Then again, maybe not. He's sure to have the steely conviction to walk past hoards of homeless people on his way to work, where he proclaims in an interview that the economy is going along tickety-boo time. Nothing could possibly be improved.


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