Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The end is nigh is a Broadway musical

Myron has been at it again, serving up garbage at a UN climate change conference. You'd think that once the United States had withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol they'd have the decency to bugger off. However, there's money to be made wrecking the world.

The Exxon funded climate lobbyists are feeding people a raft of contradicting lies. Not only is climate change not happening, Myron Ebell says, it will be a good thing when it does because all those Canadians will be able to move away from the US border and more into their own country. But they'll have to take their rifles with them, to reclaim their land back from the polar bear population explosion.

Meanwhile, the dishonest scientist and one time dinner guest at the CEI, Bjorn Lomborg, is giving a different line at the same conference. He says that human induced climate change is huge and inevitable, and such a big long-term problem we should leave it to our grandchildren to sort out. Instead, we should enjoy our SUVs while we've got them, and pretend to solve the AIDs pandemic. We rich people have nothing to fear. We can move up into the mountains and sort it out by letting everyone else die.

Very nice. Move along now. These men are professional liars. They are just actors on a stage playing the show: "Exxon saves the world". Nothing they say is true. It's now time throw rotten tomatoes and to boo them off the stage.


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