Friday, November 12, 2004

Myron's Cool VolVIIIN14

An appriasal of his Head's Publication 2004-07-07

Myron appears to scan through the literature from the good guys and report the names of Senators who are being targeted to change their view on the existence of Climate Change. At the moment, a majority of Senators live in Myron's imaginary world. By reporting the names of potential waverers, his friends in Exxon can now go round to their offices and fill them with gasoline fumes, I mean money.

Meanwhile, in absence any positive activity in the Federal Government, California is attempting to pass Carbon Emission standards for cars. This is against the law, according to Myron, because Carbon Emission Reduction implies Fuel Efficiency Standards, which would be infringing the authority of the Federal Government to set these standards nationally. And for many years they have ruled that these standards are not to be improved.

Myron demonstrates that he is paid by oil rather than auto manufacturing interests because of the way he splits his marginal analysis to prove that the cost savings to drivers due to fuel efficiency do not compensate for the higher expense of buying a better designed vehicle. "Excellent," a rational human being would say. "We now know by how much to raise the tax on fuel and to tilt the economic logic back towards sanity." It's a fact that the bad guys have been manipulating the system for decades, so that for example the money naturally flows into Exxon's bank accounts. It takes a Myron to observe a set of man-made reservoirs and irrigation dikes on a hypothetical hill-side diverting most of the available water, and proclaim that since the water is flowing naturally, it's right and proper and there's nothing you can do about it if you live in the parched lands below.

Myron hates Renewable Energy since it means less oil is needed. The question is, if it's capacity is so puny that it can never be a threat to the dominance of oil, why does he waste time worrying about it?

In European news, Myron reports on the unfair measures that governments are taking to control the growing popularity of SUVs. It's a fantastic argument, since alcoholism is growing in popularity too... I'll have to check if Myron thinks that's good as well; it'll depend on exactly how much funding the CEI gets from the drinks industry.

Myron also quotes extensively from the TV botanist David Bellamy on the evils of Wind Farms. Being just about only Conservationist in the world who can't see the point of wind farms, he's guaranteed a lot of exposure from the likes of Myron.

In the "Science" section, Myron is busy showing off how an economist who doesn't know the difference between radians and degrees, and a mining executive have corrected a scientist's Climate Change model on the evidence that they caused him to write a brief corrigenda to a published paper. More skeptical observers, who are familiar with the scientific standards of economists in general, would not go far wrong if they concluded that these are minor corrections that make no difference to the results, but are in response to a deluge of letters from boneheads like Myron.

I truly enjoy the way that Independent Scientists like Myron are usually found citing other Independent Scientists, and there's a clear disconnection between them and all the Dependent on Science Scientists that remain in the world.

Myron's Cool Newsletter concludes with three beautiful tidbits. Firstly, Global Warming is increasing the size and strength of coral reefs, rather than killing them off. You see, it's the extra CO2 that's helping them lay down more carbonate mineral... if only the rising temperatures were not bleaching them first.

Secondly, for those of you who currently live in disease-free temperate climates, Myron reports that there's only a very weak relationship between temperature and malaria outbreaks. So, once the winters are no longer cool enough to kill off the mosquitoes, and the disease gets established, you will get all the benefits of the disease without it having to be as hot as the Solomon Islands.

And Myron's final word of fact is: "[A]s previous studies have concluded, the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are probably thickening rather than melting." Which is something all you Polar Bears out there should know.


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