Thursday, December 16, 2010

What would Myron buy?

Another year another United Nations Climate Change conference, this time in Mexico.

The silence from Myron Ebell is uncanny.

He has still received no gifts from his place on the Freedom Action Network, that lame CEI offshoot which tried desperately to market itself to the corporate money supply that pays for other (cough cough) grassroots organizations, like FreedomWorksยท The team still has at its core the same set of CEI stallwarts Myron Ebell, Julie Walsh, Sam Kazman, Fred Smith, Sam Kazman, and looks like a failure.

The latest blogpost there to bring Xmas cheer to the world is by CEI-er Hans Bader is a screed about how unemployment benefits keep people from working, and how the economic stimulus spending destroys jobs. Way to go, Mr Bader. If poverty is good for the economy, maybe we would be better without a good economy -- at least by your measure of what is a good economy.

These fake political front groups, like the CEI, need to inflate themselves, so it is always possible that Myron has already been laid off. If so, one hopes he is enjoying his unemployment benefits, which you are entitled to -- even if your job for the past ten years has been fighting for the destruction of such expressions of civilization.

In any case, we leave you with some Christmas cheer:


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