Monday, August 17, 2009

The unhealthiness of the CEI

It seems to take almost forever for a troll like the CEI to die off. Maybe it never will, like a pit of nuclear waste. Myron Ebell took a swipe in the health care debate, but in general the CEI has been pretty silent during this massive corporate-funded backlash against the hope of common human decency.

Which means they didn't get the contract. Instead, the execrable Daniel Hannan, friend of Myron and admirer of the CEI, has been all over the United States TV pushing absolute bogus lies about the state of the NHS and its qualities, thus:

He may even be doing it for free. Who knows. One day it should be possible to check on the declarations of interest he has registered at the European Parliament to see what's going on. In any case, he's doing a good job publicizing the views of the right wing party in England and making it more difficult to cover it up.

Meanwhile, I still can't get over how the front page of CEI website continues to declare that CEI celebrates the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11.

The Apollo program just happened to be probably the biggest most pointless government funded project of all time, so it's good to see the CEI praising something that the private sector is miserably embarrassingly crap at.


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