Friday, June 26, 2009

Myron's punny word play

Trojan Hearse?

Dear oh dear. This is a pretty dire title from the dire man who is our one and only Myron Ebell.

The Murdoch empire's New York Post has just given Ebell another breath of publicity oxygen by publishing a shock-ed piece by him yesterday.

Now, apparently both Murdoch the elder and Murdoch the younger are concerned about climate change. So why do they want to publish malicious Myron Ebell lies in their paper, such as:
Realize, too, that almost every recession of the last 60 years, including today’s mess, has followed a sharp rise in energy prices.
Funny how the 1930s recession took the development of a whole new economic theory (Keynsianism), now being applied, to understand its reasons. To Myron, whose purpose is to spread any kind of lies about the facts of life in pursuit of oil and coal company short term money, the answer was simple. What stupid people we had in those days.

Of course, the official onset of this current recession did coincide with a huge oil price hike in 2008. But if you thought the housing bubble was going to carry on expanding had that not occured, you'd be pretty stupid -- which you would be if you ever took anything out of the latest Myron Ebell commentry. Myron blames the whole thing on to many regulations in the state of California.

He did not predict a recession on the back of the huge oil price rise in 2008, of course. Since that was a speculation bubble, not a tax, and all the money went into institutions like Exxon rather than into public funds, he was happy with it.

Myron Ebell is very happy for American families to pay high prices for gas, but only if private corporations get all the money. If there is any chance that the money will go into public social and infrastructure programs that directly benefit said American families, he can't stand it.

Myron also writes:
For that matter, similar government policies in Britain are already costing families $1,200 a year—and that’s in just the early stages.
Where? What? I've not heard of that. Is this something he picked up out of the latest Charles Dickens novel? Or is it part of the systematic misrepresentation of how people live in Britain, with an allegedly broken health service that not one of us would trade for that truly hellish one all the corporate-lobbiests are fighting hard to preserve in America?

Stay in hell, Myron.


Blogger alan said...

You did not provide a single counter point to his arguments and only attacked him with name calling. Where is the evidence that he is wrong?

4:12 PM, June 29, 2009 Permanent link to this entry  
Blogger goatchurch said...

I quoted two unsubstantiated and flatly false statements.

If you don't believe me, why don't you check out this list of recessions in the United States and, on the matter of policies in Britain, take the word of someone who lives there.

Not that this is going to be wholly reliable if Americans, for example, are capable of believing that they have a functional health care system.

5:03 PM, June 29, 2009 Permanent link to this entry  

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