Friday, June 12, 2009

Lie! Lie! Lie!

These two goggling newts appeared on Lawrence "There ain't no recession" Kudlow's execreble TV show, which is so loud-mouthed and ranty it makes The Myron Ebell Climate read like a computer textbook.

The show was a feast of hate for future generations of people -- which is just how Myron Ebell likes it -- and the segment was called "Drill! Drill! Drill!":
Kudlow: It is my view that the Obama administration doesn't want to drill! They're taxing oil companies! They're taxing gas companies! They don't like the oil shale play! The great basin in Wyoming is a phenomenal source! Let me just read you, Nick Loris of the Heritage Foundation says [in a lie published as long ago as 18 December 2007]: "If full scale production of shale began within five years the US could completely end its dependence on OPEC by 2020."! Oil! Natural gas! Shale! Why not! Help me out here! We're going to get soaked again with a huge oil shock to wreck the economy!

Ebell: You're absolutely right, Larry. You're on the side of the American people. The Obama administration and the Democratic Congress, ever since they got into power, have been back-tracking the progress we made last year when people finally found out that this country has huge energy resources that have been locked up by the congress and previous administrations.

A lot of good things were done last year, and now Secretary Salisar at the Interior is cancelling oil leases. They all say they're in favour of it, just like Daniel Weiss (I don't know if he is in favour of it; he is different from the administration), but they say they are in favour of it in theory, but in practice everything they're doing is designed to raise energy prices.


Kudlow: Myron, I'm going to be crusading on this in the weeks and months! I'm going to go back to where I was last summer! Drill! Drill! Drill! Myron. But I want to ask you: Not only do they not want us to drill, but they don't want nuclear power either! So I don't get it. Aren't we playing right into the hands of our enemies overseas?

Ebell: Yes. President Obama and the Democratic Congress want energy prices to go up, and I believe that the Center for American Decline -- I'm sorry -- the Center for American Progress wants that as well.
Ultimately, the irresponsibility for what these clowns say on network TV in a popular format in which they are encouraged to Lie! Lie! Lie! without any fact checking or correcting of what they say rests with CNBC.

But that's no reason for anyone who still survives in the future not to hate Myron Ebell as the physical embodiment of everything in the nexus of media-power-politics-economics in this age which has doomed us to what could have been an avoidable disaster.

Meanwhile: Last night was CEI's 25 anniversary dinner. I wonder what's on the menu. If they can afford it, it's probably an endangered species like blue fin tuna.

We are fighting a war against future generations. And we are winning.


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