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Myron the do-nothing bumbler

Welcome to the Myron Ebell Climate, your weakly lightning rod of hatred that is charged by the people in the future looking back in time at your pathetic antics.

After 36 hours of Waxman-Markey HR2454 footage and participation, Myron Ebell summed it up with this boring post in Human
The committee debate did have its amusing moments. When Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) offered an amendment to take carbon dioxide off the list of pollutants that can be regulated under the Clean Air Act, Markey replied, "We might as well say that the Earth doesn't revolve around the sun or dinosaurs never roamed the Earth as say that carbon [dioxide] isn't a pollutant." Apparently, the gentleman from Massachusetts has been promoting global warming as a crisis for two decades without learning that carbon dioxide is a naturally-occurring trace gas without which life on Earth would not be possible.
Myron advises that the longer the final vote on the Bill can be delayed, the more it will lose its momentum to the contradictions within it (eg gifting the carbon coupons to the biggest polluters rather than selling them) and to his "energy tax" disinformation.

Myron is gleeful over this opinion survey commissioned by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (yes, the organization whose video footage the CEI used against their wishes in their claim that fat Americans cutting down on their energy use would cause Haitian villagers to lose their streetlights) that says people don't want their electricity bills to go up.

Well, what do you know?

The point is, the price can go up, but the electricity bill can remain the same because you use less of it. If everyone just pays more for the same, it's not working, and there's no point to it.

It's funny how Myron Ebell's understanding of market logic breaks down when there is an attempt to harness it towards combatting a now doubled threat to human survival (an important event if there was one). Clearly, higher energy prices should create a vibrant and innovative market in technologies which reduce energy consumption (eg smart appliances, more efficient refridgerators, new lightbulbs), and the excess profits could be invested in more efficient plants and energy infrastructure that's not old fashioned like burning coal.

That's what you would expect -- unless you are, like Myron, against using modern technology to avert serious disaster; in which case you throw everything you've got towards destructively picking apart any measure that works towards that end because you hate life as we know it.

The comments to his article do improve the flavour:
Formally Worried Independent, Florida - I say kill all the liberals, here is my logic.

Liberals claim humanity is the cause of global warming, which I don't believe in, but stay with me.

The more liberals get killed, slowing down or stopping their CO2 emmissions into the atmosphere, this ends their supposed global warming.

tc, hilliard - Waxman looks like a turd. A creepy, moustached pedophile turd.
Meanwhile, in other polling news, over 51% of Americans are either alarmed or concerned about global warming.

They want someone to do something.

But Myron is arguing for doing nothing. This is not very good. This is not going to work. And his rhetoric -- which is usually about misselling policies that benefit the rich as necessary to protect the poor -- can't deliver anything that is constructive.

He has got to go. Now!


Blogger MickeyWhite said...

Economic Stimulus. H.R. 5140, the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, passed 385-35 on January 29, 2008 (Roll Call 25). It would provide about $150 billion in economic stimulus, including $101.1 billion in direct payments of rebate checks (typically $600) to most taxpayers in 2008 and temporary tax breaks for businesses. Creating money out of thin air and then spending the newly created money cannot improve the economy, at least not in the long term. (If it could, why not create even more money for rebates and make every American a millionaire?) The stimulus has no offset and thus increases the federal deficit by the amount of the stimulus because the government must borrow the rebate money. A realistic long-term stimulus can only be achieved by lowering taxes through less government and by reducing regulatory burdens. Marsha Blackburn voted FOR this bill.(Source: The New American – July 21, 2008)

Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
She is no conservative.
See her unconstitutional votes at :

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