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It's fairly hateful, I believe

The Tea Baggers channel KQNM AM 1550 broadcast a Rio Grande Foundation phone-in show with Myron Ebell on May 16.

It's got a question about what he thinks of the Myron Ebell Climate -- obviously he forgot to instruct the interviewer not to ask about that.

It's got a phone-in called who believes global warming is due to the magnetic poles flipping. Myron gently suggested people use the similarly false reason of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which is much more complicated and not so immediately wrong.

Rough transcript follows:
Q: How do you describe CEI

Ebell: We're a fairly small non-profit non-partisan institute...

Q: I've noticed we have something in common. We've both worked for the National Taxpayer's union... [more drooling over his pathetic record]. You were called one of the six nationwide climate criminals by Greenpeace. That's quite an honour.

I didn't even notice this, but I was looking around on the internet. You have a blog set up to oppose you. Someone has set up a blog opposing you. The Myron Ebell Climate. Are you familiar with this?

Ebell: I've heard of it. I don't look at it. It's fairly hateful, I believe.

Q: Well, the thing that they wrote, this one wasn't too hateful. It was May 14. You're talking about this Waxman-Markey Bill which is now working it's way through Congress. You go through point-by-point that it's a tax. It's an indirect sneaky tax, but it's a tax. A tax on energy prices. And you talk about how it's going to impact the poor people, and on and on. And at first I thought you were just self-flagellating yourself, calling yourself a knuckle-brain, but then, oh, it's some other guy. That is a goal I think that all of us should have, such an impact on the public policy debate that people who hate us set up blogs directly to oppose what we're saying. So I think that says a lot for your level of impact on the public policy debate.

But I want to move on to this Waxman-Markey legislation. It's really the reason we're here... Why don't you tell us a little about this Bill and it's impact on New Mexico.

Ebell: Well, you know, Henry Waxman, who represents Beverley Hills, a very very wealthy district, is the chairman in the most powerful committee in the House... He has promised to have a Global Warming Bill out of his committee before next Friday... He released a draft in early April, and ever since then things have been going wrong.

It's a huge Bill... 932 pages. What it's got is a cap and trade system. Cap and trade means we'll cap the level of emissions, and every year the cap will go down. So every year the economy will have to use less oil, coal and natural gas and just do without energy or use just some more expensive alternative. And under the cap each company that produces coal, oil or natural gas will have a certain number of ration coupons. If some company is going down out of business, they will be able to sell their coupons to a more flourishing business to expand or use more energy. And so this is a very complicated rationing system that is designed to force consumers and manufacturers to pay higher prices for energy, and the way the Bill is turning out it's a way to reward a lot of special interests, big businesses that hope to get rich off of higher energy prices. In your state PNM hopes to make a bundle off this as they raise consumers electricity rates...

Q: The energy committee was the one Waxman was put on by Nancy Pelosi from John Dingle who was a Michigan Democrat...

Ebell: Wasman has been in since the Watergate class of 1974, but John Dingle has been in Congress since 1957. He replaced his father who diad suddenly. He's been in for 52 years. He's the guy who's responsible for putting together all the big regulatory bills: The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, The Endangered Species Act. He's the guy who understands how to build coalitions, he believes in big government. He was supportive of global warming legislation. He was committed to putting it together, but President Obama told Pelosi that he would prefer to have Waxman as Chairman because Waxman is way to the left of Dingle, and he would prefer Waxman to be in charge of his two big policy initiatives: nationalizing healthcare, and nationalizing our energy industry.

Q: So, two good arguments for term limits. But that's a whole different show... The committee has an agreement on the legislation, right?

Ebell: There were hearing from mid to late April with all the big corporations that support global warming and hope to get rich off of energy rationing, and then it became apparent that there were not enough votes on the committee to pass the Bill, so they have been doing deals until yesterday on HR2454. The Bill now has give-aways to every special interest in the country. Utilities will get some of the rationing coupons for free. Some of the manufacturing industries will get some. Natural gas will get some... They're trying to pay off people in key districts. It's quite likely that every Republican will vote against this bill, and that means they can't lose more than 7 democrats, and there are 15 democrats that have problems because they represent districts that rely on energy production, or use a lot of energy...

Q: We've got Anne on the line.

Anne: A PBS program 4 years ago explained that according to ocean sediments that every thousand years the poles start to switch. And they have heard that the magnetic pole is often out in the middle of the Pacific... and this is why the polar ice-caps are melting. It is a natural cycle, and they are suppressing this information because the greed level is bottomless. Thank you for your work.

Q: Thank you Anne. There are a lot of reasons why the climate is changing. I haven't heard of that one in particular... Is this something you've heard, Myron?

Ebell: Let me generalize her point. There are a lot of cycles in terms of where the magnetic pole, there are cycles in sunspot activity, the ocean currents run in cycles.

For example there is this Pacific decadal oscillation that runs between 20 and 30 years. For the last 20 years it's been pushing more warm water up into the Arctic and places like Alaska have been warming up. That seems to have stopped in the last couple of years, and the PDO is entering it's low phase where it's not pushing water up. So if you look at the temperature of the world: from about 1975 to 1998 we had some warming, since 1998 the global average temperature is flat, it's declined slightly, though not statistically significant. We are now in a period of no warming at all and yet we're supposed to sign on to this legislation that will flip our economy and turn it inside out in order to save our society and economy from global warming.

It's a kind of crazy thing. The alleged problem seems to be going away and we're being asked to switch 85% of the energy we get from coal oil and natural gas and switch to things that cost 2, 3, 4, 5 times as much...

[A commercial break followed]

[I haven't got time for this crap]

Ebell: [More waffle about California failing its own emmissions targets how there's no longer any manufacturing in the state.] [This crap writes itself, going on about how ineffective all the regulation is, with all the work-arounds, etc]

California, because of all it's regulation, is going to go bankrupt in a few months.

[More bollocks about it harming poor people, and causing energy prices to skyrocket.]
There... That wasn't so hateful, was it Myron? All I'm doing is documenting the evidence to make sure you can't sink into anonymity when the apocalypse comes.

You, yes you, are responsible for the way the human race is failing to preserve itself. It doesn't matter what disconnected ideology you have persuaded yourself to believe. This has nothing to do with what reality is dishing up for us. A scientist tries to adjust his state of mind to account for the evidence and counter-evidence he or she can find. You, on the other hand, just run with some dangerously false concepts, and you don't care if it leads to extinction.

You can also believe that the existence of The Myron Ebell Climate is a sign of success if you want to. But it doesn't make it so. It's nothing more than a distinction which sets you apart from all your maliciously lying pals in the CEI. Like having a brain tumour, for example. That's all.


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