Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This is getting scary

While he may now be nothing more than an irrelevant greaseball, Myron Ebell lives in the conscious heart of the forces pushing us towards the suicide of the human species.

On 12 November 2008, the most senior international diplomat in the world, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, addressed a meeting of scores of heads of state and said:
Our world is experiencing an extremely difficult period, the worst since the founding of the United Nations. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the future of humankind depends on our ability and willingness to take advantage of the lessons and opportunities presented by today's multiple and interrelated crises. It is a time of numerous bankruptcies, but the worst of these is the moral bankruptcy of humankind's self-proclaimed "more advanced societies", which has spread throughout the world. It is not only Wall Street that needs to be bailed out. We need to bail out all of humankind from its social insensitivity. From now on, solidarity must guide and direct all human activity. In other words, morals and ethics must be given the central place in our lives that they should occupy.

Based on scientific evidence, we are now aware of the accelerating destruction of the life-sustaining capacity of Earth and the real possibility of the disappearance of the human species. Both are attributable to irresponsible human behaviour and to the unbridled greed and irrational consumerism that characterize developed societies. We must choose between allowing these values to dominate our societies and taking the necessary steps to ensure that solidarity and social responsibility become the guiding principles of human activity, including in the economic and political spheres.

In the inaugural address I delivered two months ago, at the 1st plenary meeting, I attributed this critical state of affairs in our world to what I called insane and suicidal selfishness. But I also said then that this crisis could and should be turned into an opportunity to take the kind of courageous actions that are needed to ensure new levels of cooperation among humans and between people and nature, and thereby ensure a better world for present and future generations.

One of the most burning problems that we face today is the shameful reality that, despite the fact that we have the knowledge and the financial and technological resources to prevent it, half of the human population subsists at levels of hunger, malnutrition and poverty that are wholly incompatible with their inherent dignity and rights. This situation is not only shameful, but it is also, to use religious terminology, downright sinful.
There are times when the Myron Ebell Climate appears to go off the edge in terms of rhetoric. But words are not able to express the anger at the pitiful flaws in human nature, epitomized in the character of Myron Ebell, whose lying malevolent intentions have been allowed to become amplified in our wholly immoral political and newsmedia systems.

This is the tragedy of it -- that it is intellectually predictable. The inevitable ecological collapse will occur just as suddenly as the financial collapse has occurred. To some it will seem a surprise.

All those people who didn't care that the financial collapse was going to happen were able to silence all the people who knew it had to happen, because their wrecklessness lead them to make more money, which meant that the political and newsmedia system listened to them.

And so it is the same with the environment. Scientists with the data and mission to find the truth were silenced by the might of Exxon with all their money made from raping the environment and their willingness to lie through their agents like Myron Ebell.

But truth will out in the end. It'll just be too late. So sad. So sorry.


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