Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Concerned? Moi?

There can be no hope for as long as people keep paying for Myron Ebell to prevent our future survival. As one of his pals on the Cold-head website (where he often hangs out) says:
In a present beset by breast cancer, poverty, and mental illness, I really don’t care about warmer winters in a richer world 100 years from now.
I say, that fund of blind optimism is wearing a little thin these days, don't you think? With the end of that fantasy of wealth coming from private banks printing money in their Ponzi schemes, and the CEI morons fighting against all advances of technology, be it wind power, digital TV, low energy light bulbs, or an internet that doesn't have toll barriers at every crossing, in what way is our world going to be richer 100 years from now? Once we've mined enough holes in the ground, and refilled them with land-filled garbage, run out of oil, lost a couple more cities to hurricanes, paid the 6 trillion dollars due for two unnecessary wars, experienced 50 years of climate change drought, where's the riches going to be coming from, eh?

On 22 January, Myron Ebell blogged Global Warming Drops to Bottom of Public Concerns and illustrated it with stick figures. His same thin piece was cross-posted on the CEI blog here, but illustrated with a picture of a bored granny. Neither version has a working hyperlink to the article cited, which is here.


You know, if I am concerned about my grandchildren's future, and then my wife gets caught in a road accident, you don't say that my grandchildren have dropped to the bottom of my concerns, do you? There's just a lot of other immediate misery occurring. Times are hard for a lot of people, something which these CEI dickheads aren't really able to grasp because it contradicts their entire fictional version of reality, and they can't handle it.

Six days late, Myron Ebell filed his pointless three paragraph piece Obama's Inaugural Address:
Finally, the president said, "With old friends and foes, we’ll work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat and roll back the specter of a warming planet." That last phrase is code for negotiating a new U. N. agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol after 2012. The problem with a new agreement is the same as the problem with the Kyoto Protocol. The countries that ratified Kyoto aren’t meeting their commitments to reduce emissions. If they did, it would wreck their economies.
Er, and not doing this has strengthened America's economy, has it? It seems it's invested in a lot of infrastructure and property that is unfit for present use. What else is an economy but that?

The following day he posted the slightly shorter The Green Stimulus which is just so much waffle I can't find anything worth quoting from it. Generally, he's ranting about anything he can describe as a subsidy of wind-power. We can subsidize coal in a myriad of unpleasant ways, including poisoning people by eating their coal ash which they've decided they don't need to dispose of properly while they're making money. And we can subsidize the oil industry by killing millions of people for land in the middle east that happens to be above it. But for wind-power, if the state pays for so much as a college education for an engineer who eventually gets a job in the industry, Myron Ebell will be out there all over the case.

These guys are just getting sick and sad. I am determined to outlast them. Not that anything is going to save the planet, as they have already irreparably done the damage. All that is left to hope for is justice.


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