Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How many lightbulbs do you eat for breakfast?

I've had it up to here with these Competitive Enterprise Morons wild-mouthing about how Mercury in food is fine, but when it is encapsulated in a long-life lightbulb -- that is not usually eaten -- it's scary dangerous where:
The business fantasy is for the nation’s 4 billion-plus light sockets to sport CFLs. There’s much more ka-ching in selling 4 billion $5 light bulbs as opposed to incandescent bulbs costing $0.75. But what about the mercury problem that may impose substantial liabilities on businesses and consumers faster than CFL light bulbs turn on?
Given that CFLs are 6 times more electrically efficient and last 10 times longer before they break, the average payback can be as little as a month. Would you buy a used car from this "Institute"?

No doubt they would try to sell you one.

The Mercury emissions from coal due to the extra inefficiencies of incandescent lights exceeds by three times over five years all the Mercury in the bulbs, none of which needs to get into the atmosphere. How hard is it to take it back to the store, when you get your replacement bulbs, where they post it into their bulb eaters? Less hard than changing your bulbs ten times as often, no doubt.

But the Competitive Enterprise Institute didn't get where it is now by passing out advice that wasn't a lethal threat to members of the human species. For example, in spite of Asbestos being recognized as a killer since First World War and continuing to kill tens or hundreds of thousands of people per year, twenty years after it was banned in many places, one of their junkman jackasses writes Asbestos Fireproofing Might Have Prevented World Trade Center Collapse.

The asbestos coatings went only up to the 40th floor, so I guess all the New Yorkers who are now going to die from the dust cloud of the collapse are either going to agree with him that not enough asbestos was used, or too much was used.

And let's not remember how safe it was to give children Lead Paint to eat and Leaded air to breath from all the Lead in the gasoline that turned out to be gratuitously unnecessary for any known purpose, except the wholesale fumigation of the population with mind-rotting toxins.

Now that's a thought to warm Myron Ebell's slimey heart. He is a vampire. More of his human death-wish next week as we get back to his fight for the global mass extinction of the species. He goes for the big one, unlike the rest of the lightweights in his Institute who's best efforts can only kill people by the million.


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